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    OT: 90 Minute Thread: White Wine?

    I'm a big Starmont fan. Merryvale does a great job with their less expensive winery. We bought a bunch of the Starmont 2013 pinot noir up in NH for $19/bottle for a wedding last year - have a few bottles left and it's still drinking well - really a great wine for the price. Had a Gitton...
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    John Thomas +1 and Tony Hansen!
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    OT: 90 Minute Thread: White Wine?

    Had a Matthiasson Rose over the weekend, not usually a big fan of rose but it was crisp and bright, probably the best rose I've had ($30+/-). Recommendation from my daughter, a recent graduate of the CIA WIne Management master's program! Anyone have any questions about wines, I can ask her...
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    OT: 90 Minute Thread: White Wine?

    The Snitch by the Prisoner Wine Co is a great $26 chard. +1 on the French Pouilly Fume above.
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    Players return late July except...

    My daughter has a close friend from PR going to school in CA and she isn't allowed back quite yet. Not sure if its a full restriction or partial.
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    Our last few hours in the American.

    Jalen's heave to get us into OT over Cincy is one. But I get your drift.
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    OT: iPad Air vs iPad Pro

    I use the pencil a lot and have found Notability is a killer app for me - you can take notes, annotate anything etc. I find the 12.9 is not unwieldy, its just a beautiful screen. As Fishy said, there is no reason to get a ton of memory as most of the time you can get to a place where you can...
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    OT: iPad Air vs iPad Pro

    Yes, I have Fi for my wife and I with unlimited data, so I have a sim in my iPad. (I added back a daughter and son in law as the 4 person plan is $45/per line) It's why I went with the cellular version. I also saved a few hundred dollars by buying an open box from Amazon Warehouse!
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    OT: iPad Air vs iPad Pro

    I have a 12.9" iPad with sim card compatibility and I have a Google fi sim card so data is free. I find that the iPad is really my go to companion, but I do like the Surface laptop when I have PC programs or access that I need - like Remote Connection for my third party hosted cloud access, and...
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    Rechargable Tool Set

    Ridgid from Home Depot has the best mix of quality and price. Milwalkee is great but a little pricier. Also go with 18v no matter which brand you select. The Ryobi 12v line is cheap but relatively junky.
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    Musical Acts At UConn

    They were frequent visitors around campus, I can't for sure say I saw them though, but I have a hazy memory of them? (too long ago and much alcohol and weed - (18 was the drinking age). I think in the mid 70's most of the big acts were playing in New Haven or Hartford; saw most of the concerts...
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    Musical Acts At UConn

    I just posted that, I was there!
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    Musical Acts At UConn

    Fleetwood Mac and Renaissance in the Fieldhouse. '75 or so.
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    OT: Deck Materials

    ok, I took a few closeups of end grains, filled holes for the azek deck but the pictures are too large? Help!
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    CBD oils, pills, edibles etc.

    I found that CBD oil didn't help by itself. I picked up some THC/CBD 1:1 mix after my physical therapist (shoulder pain) told me you need some THC to be effective so when I add that plus the CD oil (salves, not ingested) I do get pain relief. He also told me I wouldn't pass a drug test even...