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    Sad news - Cliff Robinson has passed away

    Very sad news A great player both at Uconn and in the NBA. RIP Cliff
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    Jim Calhoun's Best Coached Game

    1999 at No.4 Stanford playing without Rip (we won).
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    Longest homerun you’ve ever seen

    Yup. I was sitting in the upper deck behind home plate and when he hit it it just kept rising. To that point I never saw one hit there at Citi Field.
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    Longest homerun you’ve ever seen

    4 come to mind : Saw Greg Luzinski hit one out of Shea Stadium. Sailed past the Mezzinine and landed behind the visitor BP. Dave Kingman hit one at Shea to LF/LCF that disappeared and I'm pretty sure went into the parking lot. Cespedes cranked one at Citi Field near the Acela Club in left that...
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    RIP Stanley Robinson

    Horrible news. So sad. RIP Sticks
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    What's the biggest event(s) you had planned that was cancelled?

    A cruise in March. A Las Vegas trip in June. A family wedding in May.
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    Favorite UConn "AD"

    Mr Fix it -Lew Perkins
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    Sid Wilson Transferring

    I wish Sid well.
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    Who had 19-12 for the 2020 regular season?

    I thought with this schedule pre injury and preseason I thought 22 wins was possible.
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    Update on my wife.

    Prayers being sent to all.
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    2020-2021 Roster

    I'll take my chances with this as my starting lineup (unless there is a big spring surprise) : Bouknight Jackson Whaley Cole Gaffney
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    To me Whaley has been our MVP. Great motor and will. Plays every play like his minutes depend on it.
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    Most "spectacular" plays in UConn histiory

    While not spectacular Josh Boone's tip to Emeka late in the National Semi Final n 2004 against Duke as a huge play. Thought it was worth a mention.
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    Bouknights NBA stock

    Putting my heart aside. I could see if he went pro that he would be a perfect fit for a team late in 1st round. He's young and talented. A steal in that scenario. A good team that doesn't need him year 1. That said I think he gets NBA feedback and comes back.
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    Mark The Calendar

    Whaley and Adams have been very good. Both play with great energy and are team guys. They have in their own ways saved us many times this year.