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    Big 10 Over Hyped

    I suspect they will have 2 week 2 teams left by 16. With occasional viewing samples, I really don’t think Big10 teams play like the BE, ACC and B12. The SEC is closer in style but much more quick and physical. Interestingly, the “standard” Hurley shoot late in the clock and hold scoring down...
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    Joe Lunardi now has us as one of the last four in

    Self perpetuating country club. The only justice is no matter how many teams they stack in the tournament they ultimately take a beating. Happens every year. Last Natty for the Big10 was MSU in 2000 and before that Michigan in the 89 and Indians in 87.
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    Job posting (no joke, guys)

    It’s thoughtful to post up HuskyNan notwithstanding the chuckleheads. Good on you.
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    He seems less sure of himself as time goes on. Hopefully, he just finds his comfort zone with more minutes. Kid is a natural.
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    This is a very sane take.
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    Bouk vs Jalen Adams

    Very very similar, especially when the coaches essentially have no plan but give the ball to Adams/Bouk and make it happen.
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    Big 10 Over Hyped

    B1G basketball is always overrated. They play circa a 1990 big men basketball and mange to consistently under achieve.
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    A+ games for Hurley and Cole

    RJ was a hero. It’s inexplicable how Hurley gets a passing grade other than pulling a W out his hat despite mismanaging TOS, not adjusting to penetration, allowing his big men to play D 40 feet from the hoop, not controlling his team for the most wretched 17 minutes of basketball I’ve seen in...
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    Hurley Has To Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat

    He played like hot garbage but still put up 20-10. That’s how good he is. Too many turnovers, poor D, standing around. He looks tired and unfocused, but is special enough to be able to turn it on and off. On the whole, the offensive scheme or whatever Hurley thinks it is, is an...
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    He’s done a great job moving us up year over year. He will have us in the top 25 consistently. That said, he has some real weaknesses in game management that he needs to work on if he wants to get us to an elite status. Every rung upwards gets harder to climb. There is work to do on all fronts.
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    Who is Hurley's Howie/Blaney? Does he have one?

    He needs a guy who can keep track of the big picture, is capable of snapping Hurley out of game immersion mode, and will have an independent voice and say “no bueno” when it’s necessary.
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    My take on this team

    A voice of sanity. This is on Hurley as much as anybody. He is, dare I say, average to poor in managing the game. it’s plainly obvious, and yes we know what purposeful adjustments look like because we saw them for decades.
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    I know what I saw and what I saw others saw too. If he makes $3M a year to coach, I think I can point out a few fairly obvious problems that even a moderately knowledgeable basketball fan would observe. Im sorry if that bothers you.
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    Hurley lives and breathes basketball and has forgotten more than I will ever know. That said, it’s fairly clear he was out coached again and the gave was dictated to us.
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    Good coaches find ways to help their team win when they are not at their best. Hurley has no idea how to do that. There was no attempt to adjust to Bouk being collapsed on by three guys. Polley was open consistently in the corner with a simple kick out but Hurley never green lighted that...
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