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Recent content by bballnut90

  1. bballnut90

    Geno VS Dawn

    Second coming may be a stretch but her teams have gotten better and better over her time at SC. Back in 2014 everyone called SC a pretender for getting the #1 seed somewhat controversially, and from there she's steadily improved the program into a national power. I dont see anyone claiming...
  2. bballnut90

    Geno VS Dawn

    UCONN was loaded with collegiate All Americans...they had KLS/Collier/Williams who each won multiple AA honors, the national DPOY in Nurse, future WNBA ROY in Crystal Dangerfield and brought in Stevens off the bench. No one ever expected SC to repeat or even contend for a repeat title with the...
  3. bballnut90

    Geno VS Dawn

    Wilson was nowhere near the level that DT or Stewart were. Bad comparison IMO. The level of talent SC has now is much better than it was during Wilson's era.
  4. bballnut90

    Geno VS Dawn

    I dont think it's out of line to say Dawn outcoached Geno this game. SC was down 15-28 and then finished the game outscoring UCONN 58-29, including 16-3 in the 4th. SC made the adjustments needed by clamping down on defense, dominating the glass and exploiting matchups and was the clear cut...
  5. bballnut90

    UCLA loses to Kent state

    I dont think they're unbeatable but they look like the clear cut #1 right now. So much quality post depth and really solid guard play. Henderson and Cooke both look a lot more mature and Boston appears to be on a mission this year after the way last season ended.
  6. bballnut90

    PAC 12 WBB News

    I didn't see the game but wouldn't be surprised if Brink is the reason she struggled. Cameron's an absolute beast defensively.
  7. bballnut90

    A “Simple” Solution

    This list is pretty misleading IMO for a number of reasons: 1. Tuck/Stokes were seldom used role players prior to 2015, and Tuck was out almost all of 2014. 2. Stewart was the dominant big in 2015/2016 despite that she played all over the court. 3. Coates was out the 2017 NCAA tournament...
  8. bballnut90

    Seimone Augustus Thinks UConn Has Too Much Power in WBB [merged thread]

    In 2016 Parker was pretty clearly one of the top players in the world when she was left off, Nneka wasn't in 2021. Parker was also left off likely in favor of Stewart, a player Geno coached, while Nneka was left off in favor of Collier, a player who Dawn had no direct relation to. Apples and...
  9. bballnut90

    Terrapins WBB 2021-22

    Agreed. Not sure why they're rushing it when she clearly isn't 100%. Even if they lose a game or 2 what's more important is making sure it heals properly so she'll be good to go for Big Ten and NCAAs.
  10. bballnut90

    Big Ten WBB

    Ooph that is awful. I just looked and they finished 341 out of 343 for NET rankings last year. They also lost to NJIT who was #285 last year. Their lone win is over St. Thomas who is in their first year of D1. It's kind of remarkable how bad Wisconsin has become considering the amount of...
  11. bballnut90

    SC freshmen

    For all the talk of SC's freshmen along with UCONN's class, no one got any meaningful time today.
  12. bballnut90

    SC Postgame Thread

    SC just looked so much more physical out there. Dominated the glass and rendered UCONN's bigs completely ineffective. Boston was phenomenal today. Cooke also looks markedly better this year, taking better shots and is hitting them at a great clip. I think if Cooke continues to play like this...
  13. bballnut90

    Tennessee beats Texas in ot

    Lots of grit from Tennessee....huge win especially considering Burrell was out and they were finally able to manufacture some offense, against a very tough Texas team no less. Key and Horston came up huge. Solid start to the year with tough comeback wins against USF and Texas. Texas will be...
  14. bballnut90

    Coaching Hot Seat 2021 New

    I don't see him as a coach who will get Ohio State to an elite level but he's done a pretty solid job in the post-Mitchell era considering the rosters he's had. I actually think he's done a better job since Mitchell left than when she was there even if results aren't as good. Ohio State had a...
  15. bballnut90

    Raven out for the year

    Major bummer for Raven Johnson...hope she's in good spirits and has a 100% recovery. Looking forward to watching her play once she's back up to full speed.
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