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    Former ASU and Conn Courtney Ekmark Courtney GA for Seattle men's team.
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    Labor Dept. rules UConn underpaid females on 2014 women's basketball coaching staff
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    Is Sabrina the G.O.A.T?
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    Phoenix Mercury vs New York Liberty - 8/02/20

    10 a.m. start. Could be the first Liberty win of the year. Against the Aces the Mercury looked good although I think the Aces are disappointing. Taurasi finally had a Taurasi like game. That said this brutal travel schedule for Mercury certainly gives the Liberty the opportunity for their first...
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    Covid-19 and college bb

    Last night ASU coach Charli Turner Thorne hosted a zoom call for season ticket holders. Very positive and she shared the following information regarding procedures going forward at ASU. Evidently the NCAA allows coaches to begin working with the team the end of July at least at this point in...
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    2020 WNBA season The ayes have it?
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    OT: A bit of good news USC set to open classes in the fall

    Minor correction. USC like Harvard and many other private institutions around the United States do receive significant federal assistance through the student guaranteed loan program. There is only one institution of higher learning in the United States that takes zero federal assistance and...
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    Basketball not to be this year?

    This is an important point. Of the over 1,600 small liberal arts colleges in the United States the pandemic will most certainly have dramatic if not fatal consequences for many. Small schools in the news like Evergreen State and Hampshire will most certainly struggle and fail to stay open. "The...
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    Basketball not to be this year?

    On Friday night presidents Michael Crowe and Rita Cheng of ASU and NAU respectively will appear on the local PBS channel for a one-hour Town Hall. I submitted questions for both of them regarding the fallback or plan b to their decision to have students on campus this fall in the case of a spike...
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    Basketball not to be this year?

    Arizona State University and the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University have all announced that they will have on-campus students this fall. I am wondering what impact this will have on those schools ability to stage fall athletics. I listen to Brian Windorst the other day on...
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    2020 WNBA season

    This is indeed a complex question that challenges competing interests. For example if there were not adequate testing for first responders, assisted care residents, and correctional officers as well as inmates I would guess there might be a number in the general population would question the...
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    2020 WNBA season

    I think the concern with testing is a legitimate one. I would suspect that the leagues whether basketball or football or even college football could obtain adequate testing for those on and around the team. The question is how would that look if that same testing was widely available throughout...
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    2020 WNBA season

    Bird also said she does not believe the 2020 WNBA season can begin without access to rapid COVID-19 testing that does not limit availability of testing for other sectors of the population...
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    Is Sabrina the G.O.A.T?

    Sue Bird "You're talking about the greatest of all time," Bird said. "I think [Taurasi] is the greatest of all time."
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    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread CTT gets another big. The Devil's, like many teams need a PG.