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  1. arch

    OT: Old frozen turkey

    Toss it in the back yard. The bear eats the bird. You eat the bear. Just a thought.
  2. arch

    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    “Not splashy……”? No offence, but…..?
  3. arch

    Secret Scrimmage #2

    Do they keep score?
  4. arch

    Secret Scrimmage #2

    Except the shooting part.
  5. arch

    Tyler Polley

    Same guys he took them from last year? Hope it doesn’t happen but somebody has to shoot, right?
  6. arch

    First game

    1960, don’t remember any of it. Carlson was good point guard, Dale Comey was super long range shooting 6th man. Not sure there was a real center. Point shaving scandal was that year?
  7. arch

    OT: Norm Macdonald gone at 61

    Lost two of my favorites in two weeks. Sean Lock (British guy) and now Norm. Reeeeealy gonna miss ‘em.
  8. arch

    Those of you who wanted the season cancelled last year this loss to Holy Cross is on you.

    I guess we’ll just have to live with it. Yes, I surly can do that.
  9. arch

    Maybe We Needed Another Year Off

    Seriously, we’re not going to actually show up for that game, are we? Seriously.
  10. arch

    Huskies in the Summer League

    Bouk putting on an absolute show on offensive end.
  11. arch

    Huskies in the Summer League

    Not So fast.
  12. arch

    Huskies in the Summer League

    SA not locking him up right now.
  13. arch

    Need several people to test the chat

    Blank on ipad
  14. arch

    AD David Benedict: UConn 'in a very good situation' as college conference realignment swirls

    I think you may have misread him. I believe he was referring to their respective football teams.
  15. arch

    OT: Simone Biles will compete on the Balance Beam (spoiler alert)

    Only listing I see is tomorrow on NBC anywhere from 8 to 11pm. Not very informative, I know.
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