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    2022-2023 season: What opponent for Aubrey Griffins " senior" game?

    Can we get through 21-22 before worrying about 22-23?
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    Most dominant?

    We are talking Physical????? BAM BAM.... That is all I have to say on that....
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    Game Recommendation....

    Hope everyone is safe and sound from the Tropical Storm/Hurricane Henri. While there is little to do but wait out the storm I was looking for some game recommendations to try to find on Youtube to watch to pass the time. Can anyone recommend a really good UCONN game, mens or womens, that...
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    Could UConn leave the Big East if conference realignment revs up again?

    Could we go a month without the could, would type of speculation that always occurs? It is funny you cannot talk about player transfer speculation. So why not prevent Conference Realignment Speculation?
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    Nikas Sneakas

    Oh the DRAMA.... lets save the drama for your llamas and not try to create things that do not need to be worried about...
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    The Odds of Paige Staying for Her Fifth Year Have Gone Up...Just Ask Her Mother!

    If she stays... she will most likely not be able to play in the 2024 Olympics.
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    Who starts this coming season?

    Easy answer to this.. the five players who will start this season will be the five players that Geno puts on the floor.
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    Diana is First WNBA player to score 9,000 points

    If I am not mistaken she needs 90 points in the Olympics to top Lisa Leslie's all time American Scoring record in the Olympics.
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    Olympic Team Announced

    What about Akire Ogunbowale? And I know Nneka is a good player but that fact her sister wrote that piece pleading for her to be on the team is sad to me...
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    Olympic Team Announced

    No Sabrina? Thought she was the next great thing.....
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    Campus visit

    Hello all, Heading onto campus with some friends and was wondering if anyone knew if the Basketball center and/or Gampel would be open to have people go in and walk around...
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