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While Nobody was Paying Attention, Arby’s Became Fantastic

Aug 26, 2011

While Nobody Was Paying Attention, Arby's Became Fantastic

>>I mention this because, as a fan, I’ve long been keeping an eye on anything and everything that comes out of Arby’s, even if I only actually eat there a few times a year. The public perception of Arby’s has long been that it’s kind of a grandpa sandwich, a milquetoast piece of lost Americana that piles plain roast beef on a plain bun, maybe hits it with cheese and Arby’s sauce, and calls it good.

But if you look at fast food trends across the board, you’ll see that Arby’s has always been well ahead of the trends. Long before the current value-box arms race, Arby’s was selling five original roast beef sandwiches for $5 and likely sending cabinet freezer stocks skyrocketing in the midwest. Years before other chains realized a fried chicken sandwich could include more than mayonnaise and iceberg lettuce, Arby’s was selling stuff like its Chicken Cordon Bleu filet. Healthier choices? The Market Fresh sandwiches and salads were at the forefront. Chicken tenders instead of nuggets? Arby’s.<<

>>And they arrived here with little braggadocio. While everybody with futzing around with stunt food, Arby's went from a good restaurant you tend to forget until you're desperate on a road trip to fast food's most innovative and consistently impressive empires.<<


Exiled in Pittsburgh
Mar 23, 2012
I don't understand the appeal of curly fries. Anybody's curly fries. Or seasoned fries. Never have, never will.
Aug 24, 2011
Was that Archer I just heard doing the voiceover on that Arby's commercial? I think I may have to be in.