Way OT: Missed opportunity on Q. game...

Discussion in 'UConn Hockey' started by coachcap, Oct 20, 2016.

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    CPTV-Sports channel is available on many cable systems in State. They have shown a variety of in-state sports. I believe that I've seen Q. Bobcat hockey games on that channel in previous years. Last night's game was sold out including SRO tickets within a few days of going on sale. It would have been a perfect game to televise on that channel.
    FYI: I was at a function last night with a few hockey enthusiasts. The banquet room had a flatscreen that was tuned at 7 P.m. to NBC Sportsnet for the pregame intro of the N.Y. Rangers game that started at 8 P.M. Those in attendance would have watched the Q.-UConn game if it had been available.