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Aug 27, 2011
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Alas, a long and somber day. I did deck myself out in UConn gear but unfortunately most Cincy students didn't notice. It didn't help that many of them were drunk :p

Needless to say, what a disappointing season on all fronts. However, I must thank our seniors for a fantastic year. I was glad to see them on their final game. Special shoutout to Kashif Moore for being an incredible leader especially through the difficult times of 2009.

There isn't much to comment on the actual game. I haven't seen anything about McCummings not coming back in the second half. Was he hurt? Anyway, unfortunately, that Wildcat option was the only thing that seemed to fool Cincy during the running game. This game was going to come down to defense because both teams offenses unfortunately matched against the strengths of the opponent's defense.

I was really upset that UConn deferred. UConn was so dominant against Rutgers when they got their early lead. I was hoping that we'd get the chance to open the game. Unfortunately, we didn't. We did stop them, but ultimately pitted ourselves deep in our end of the field to witness probably one of the strangest plays I've ever witnessed in football ever (including Dan Orlovsky's step out of bounds.) On the other hand, as I mentioned in another thread, I actually thought the clock management was not mishandled. Just from my view as a spectator at the game, the timeouts were appropriately called for the situations, in my opinion.

I'm not a huge fan of McEntee as the QB because he does look clumsy out there. I always hold my breath when he steps back to throw. Alas, he did lead quite a comeback opportunity in the final half (plus some).

Part of our problem were penalties. Way too many of them. Also, a failed attempt at getting a running game going really hurt our game plan. There were a few big drops as well.

Nonetheless, I got to see Dave Teggart's final audition for the NFL. And needless to say, he freaking nailed it. The crowd in Cincy was STUNNED to see him hit that 53 yarder (that had plenty more distance.) I joked to one of my friends that we were just out of field goal range when it would have been a 61 yarder...although, I knew in my mind that Teggart might have made it.

Also, for all of those criticizing UConn fans not getting to their seats, I must say that Cincinnati was incredibly worse. The amount of fans there for the senior day presentation had to be in the low thousands but the stadium eventually filled out. It's not just us...

Lastly, I do have to say that most Cincy fans were pretty respectful of me barging in on their turf. It was a great day. Sunny, brisk...but not too cold. A wonderful afternoon even though our Huskies lost.
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