USF: Back to .500 and "House Money" tomorrow!

Mar 21, 2016
Look, a win is a win. They all look good in the paper. I was pleased for Jalen and Christian. They deserved to experience some success in this tournament after the last two years. I continue to be impressed at how hard Christian plays. I hope that he does decide to come back for his senior year because, when he sticks to what he does well, he is a real weapon. I was also happy for Whaley. I don't know what his future is with the program, but it was great to see him make some contributions today. I don't know what the deal was with Josh today. He seemed uninterested at times. He has to really avoid the periodic no-show performance. Consistent play will probably be the next stage of his development. This was a game that reminded you of his games against Syracuse and other higher quality teams.

Tomorrow will be a very difficult match-up, but they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If they were ever able to pull the upset, they may wind up being someone that the NIT may be interested in because they would draw. That committee is hamstrung by the number of regular season champs that get beat in their one bid tournaments. I would hope that the NIT committee looks at the amount of games missed by Adams and Gilbert and decides to throw UConn a bid...if they win tomorrow, of course. is mind-boggling to me that Jalen Adams continues to not know how to play with fouls. The lead was 15 points and there was about five minutes left. His team needed him on the floor. Luckily, the team hung in there. Houston, we hope you have a problem.