University of Illinois AD Whitman > still 'within range of a yes' on Division 1 hockey here

Aug 26, 2011
Been talked about on here previously - here’s an update: Tom Kacich | UI's AD still 'within range of a yes' on Division 1 hockey here

>>Illinois doesn't appear to have a single donor with Pegula's financial heft to build a similar arena. But UI Athletic Director Josh Whitman said last month on WDWS that he remains confident he can round up the resources to build a hockey program.

"It still is an awful lot of money," the athletic director said. "I think if we are able to bring this to fruition, it will be perhaps the most rewarding project that I'll ever undertake, just because of the number of different people and the variety of the organizations that have had to come around the table to make it possible. This will be a true community undertaking."

He indicated he's getting close to the long-awaited decision on making Illinois the eighth member in a Big Ten hockey league.<<