UConn Study On Social Media and Sports Fans

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    Not a lot of groundbreaking stuff in here but...

    "Social media has become a new public venue for sports fans to discuss the action of their favorite teams and champion the wins in real time, according to research by UConn researchers.

    The study, published earlier this year in the journal Telematics and Informatics, found that after a team victory, fans will bask in reflected glory on Facebook and Twitter. After a loss, however, fans separate from the team by cutting off reflected failure in their online comments.

    “Audiences aren’t just passive couch potatoes, like we used to worry about television watchers,” says David Atkin, professor of communication and a co-author of the study. “It turns out we’re busy and responding. And new media allow for more interactivity.”"

    Social Media Offers Venue for Crowds of Sports Fans - UConn Today
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    Does the Boneyard count or is that anti-social media?