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The Reality of My Surroundings.

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Aug 29, 2011
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Well, I found my inspiration this week. :)

Energy. Basics. Fishbone. Doesn't get more energetic and basic than that, at least when it comes to music. To me anyway.

But I'm thinking about football now. And John Madden. Not the video game. The real guy.

The guy that earned a Master's degree in education while playing offense and defense in college. The guy that was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles but had the game taken away from him before he could start by injury. The guy that started coaching at grade school level, and had the balls as a twenty something, to stand up at a lecture and start asking questions to Vince Lombardi about why he doesn't throw the ball more. The guy that coached a young Gunther Cunningham in a community college.

The guy that worked himself up to leading a professional football team to a 112-32-7 overall record and a super bowl trophy.

Now I know this is college football, but Madden had a way of saying things that made sense, and one simple quote is all I got this week.

"The things you don't want to be in football are slow, small, and friendly." -John Madden

When we play fast, big, and mean, we dominate.

That's what I'm looking for on saturday.

When you line our 100+ guys up shoulder to shoulder, we're not the biggest or fastest from #1 to #110. SOme are, some aren't. but that doesn't mean they can't play the game. Not the least. Some are just going to have to work harder, know their abilities, and get everything they can out of themselves.

But fast/slow, big/small, have nothing to do with playing the game with the attitude. To get to that ball carrier and not just tackle them, but tackle them with a foul mood. To not just block that guy in front of you, but plow them under and then drool and snot all over them like a charging bull.

That's what we need to do to win. We saw it last week.

The guy in charge has defined TOUGH. P has said it means playing up to your ability. ALL THE TIME.

Everybody can always improve. the tough guys play their best and are reliable to do their best, and continue to improve, so their best gets better.

I want to see us play fast, big and mean.

There's no doubt that they're capable. They just need to bring the energy and basics on the road this week.

There's a showdown at high noon. For all the marbles. You better believe they will be pumped and prepared. I hope we will be too. Well prepared and pumped to make the plays.


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Aug 27, 2011
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You should have come up with that prior to Louisville.

'For all the marbles' is a bit strong. I'm pretty sure there are other marbles than the Beef O'Brady's bowl.
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