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Some Things We Saw....

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Aug 26, 2011
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Purvis is obvious, but we also had Brimah with a 15 footer and a 18 footer, Samuel with two 18 footers, Calhoun with a 15 footer. Columbia probably had an excellent scouting report, but it ended up useless.

Usually when a freshman is having "one of those nights", they're done. Hamilton playing like a stud in the last five minutes after a terrible first 35 is very unfreshmanlike. A veteran will sometimes shake off a lousy night and play well down the stretch, but for a freshman to do it is really impressive. I was expecting to post something like "Great - Purvis breaks out and then Hamilton goes to ." and I didn't have to.

There has been some hand wringing about Boat not being enough of a true point guard, not making his teammates better, etc. Well, he didn't take a shot in the last 10 minutes and finished with eight assists - not necessarily because he played much differently, but because guys were confident and ready to shoot when he found them. If we can have guys ready and willing to shoot, Boat can find them when he breaks teams down. He's done it before in late game pressure spots - finding Bazz against Florida (regular season), finding DD against Kentucky, etc.

You'd figure Facey is probably too slight to play against most physical inside teams, yet he's played great against Texas and Duke and struggled against the Ivy League. Maybe he's more in his comfort level when guys play physical with him.

How'd we let Lo get away? A German national team player went somewhere else? He better make something out of that Columbia degree. That kid's good - his size disrupted Boat on defense and he showed a complete game on offense - smooth stroke, difficult runners, creative passing, etc. I'd take him right now - although I'm glad to say after today that he'd have to come off our bench.

Some of our sets looked as good as we've seen since last year (the Boat 3 in the corner was beautiful - like an old Rip play). Once the floor opened up a little when Purvis was hot, we were able to get more space and our cutters weren't trying to slalom through a maze. Some of it was the lesser athleticism of Columbia, but they've been a good defensive team this year, so some of it was us too.

I'd be ok if Brimah gave up a couple buckets early in the game by staying on his feet and feeling out his opponent, getting used to his moves, etc. You don't have to win the first few hands at the poker table. He's always biting on things early and settling down after he's got foul trouble in his mind.
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