Semi Interview with Barry Alvarez in The Athletic

Aug 27, 2011
Q&A: Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez on College Football Playoff...

A good read - a couple of questions re: Camp Randall

Do you think it can return here, with that kind of juice?

You might be able to get that way if our students would come in when the game starts.

How do we get there?

I think one way to get there, maybe if we sold beer in the stadium instead of them tailgating until the middle of the second quarter, maybe they’d come in and have a beer and sit down and watch the game.

That was one of my suggestions. We’ve tried a lot of things from a DJ to bringing a bus, transporting them from State Street or coming down Langdon. I give them credit. They buy tickets and I can’t complain. You bought the ticket and you want to come a little late, that’s your prerogative. I don’t really appreciate the fact that they’re not there for our athletes. But I’ve learned this over the years. If it’s me saying something as the football coach about cleaning up the one cheer that they use. If somebody says something, it gets twice as bad. Instead of doing it twice a game, it’s five times a game.

If you start raising a stink about showing up at kickoff, more will not come. That’s what I’ve found with our students. I just appreciate they buy the tickets. We’ve been overselling by about 1,500 a game. We’ll keep doing that and one of these days when they all show up, some of them won’t get in.

Dream Jobbed 2.0

“Most definitely”
May 3, 2016
I’ve never seen more students tailgating than this past season but conversely, fewer coming in than this season.

I think a big part of the problem for us (outside of the abysmal performance on the field) is that kids can’t party near campus anymore so they take advantage of partying at the game. What makes me so nervous is the huge amount of cars with students leaving. I hope they have DDs.