Report Card vs USF

Oct 18, 2018
C. Vital 9.0- His very first three of the game, just wow. Sound game all around, only forced it once. Needs to clean up his pump-fake-travel sequence.
J. Adams 9.0- Nice to see him handle all the tournament pressure with grace. His back to back to back 3's early in the game set the tone. Nice to see his 3 ball warm up especially after being cold from the arc against East Carolina. J4len's not done yet.
T. Smith 7.0- Maybe his best game yet as a husky. LOL funny at his hot start. But his free throw shooting is March Nightmare fuel.
I. Whaley 7.0- hello Whaley, bye bye Cobb.
T. Polley 6.5- Needed to shoot more; too hesitant at times. Played strong defense.
J. Carlton 6.0- Our guards were en fuego and Coach Hurley stuck with the hot hand.. Played strong defense though, and crashed the boards hard.
S. Wilson 6.0- Needs to find ways to get more involved in the game. Though, what a block to stop that fast break. And I will give him the tip of the cap for his free throw shooting.
E. Cobb 4.0- See I. Whaley^^

UConn + Coach Hurley + March . . .

Tougher game tomorrow. I'll be making the trip in the morning from Nashville. Looking to sit behind the UConn bench. I'll be in the blue UCONN crew neck sweater, of course with a Houston t-shirt underneath (just in case it ends up being a close one, where i'll proceed to take off said sweater, and follow it up with a gracious throw of my full beer in the direction of the nearest referee, in hopes of getting the bad guys T'd up, and the good guys on their way to the dance)
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