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Ranking the offensive issues

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Aug 27, 2011
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5) Offensive Line - down a notch or two from last year or 2009, but still a very physical group and decent overall. This may be the best defensive line UConn faces all year.

4) McEntee - weak arm, occasionally gets happy feet but other times holds the ball too long. Pretty accurate QB as was expected and more mobile than I expected. Not great, not terrible. Serviceable QB and huge improvement over this position last year. A case can be made for Nebrich although I think he is no where near ready and if you want to see what an offense run by a frosh QB looks like, watch 5 minutes of Louisville.

3) Deleone - he won't let this offense get into any rhythm. Killed several drive with odd play calling. UConn is driving down the field in the first quarter, McEntee is in rhythm, then McCummings comes in, we run a WR sweep that gets stuffed for 2 yard loss and the drive is killed. We got called for two illegal men downfield on another drive, which goes right to the coaches. On another drive, we are moving the ball well and he calls a pitch to the backup RB.

The last drive of the first half, Deleone calls a designed QB draw that has no chance of getting into the end zone and will force a kick. We were already well within Taggert's range, so why do that?

Overall, I like our offense a lot better this year, and I think it will continue to improve, but some of the specific play calls are just weird.

2) Running back. McCombs is a young back, and looks like it. He is very quick and can be dangerous when he gets to the second level. But he does not read his blocks well, has a tendency to be tentative and always bounces to the outside and let's defenses string him out. His pass blocking is graduating to inconsistent from terrible. Jean-Louis only purpose seems to be to save McCombs from a few hits. Sherman is missed, but Hinckley is OK. This position will improve over the rest of the season as this group gets more experience.

1) Receivers. Few drops today which is a huge improvement, but these receivers just do not get separation. Our only deep threat is our TE. WVU was daring us to go over the top and I don't think we even tried, because we couldn't. They do not get open, especially in blitz situations, creating problems for the offensive line and quarterback.

Just my opinion. Thoughts.
Aug 26, 2011
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I must be too down after this game 'cause I saw a very poor QB who wouldn't start for any other BCS team, and probably not be 2nd string either. McCombs is also not a BCS starting back. No power, goes down easily, doesn't make dramatic cuts or
follow blockers. Agree with some of the strange calls on offense. Both QB and RB need to be able to carry this team, just not able to. Tulane had better QB and RBs. Can not have an immobile QB with the type of other talent have on offense. This is the Bones/DJ team.

Name 1 BCS team where either JMac or McCombs would start. Most BCS teams have two or three players at each position better than either.
Aug 26, 2011
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5) agreed
4) I liked what I saw out of McEntee I think that after that fumble he was rattled (either by the play or a coach in his face on the sideline) but he played scared the rest of the game and that is no way for a qb to play. Nice touch but floats a lot of balls in there that could come back to haunt him.
3) Not sure what happened on the 2 illegal men down field or the illegal shift but that could be his bad, some mental mistakes that happen in a game, or just a too complex of an offense. I do like that it seems he dumbed down the offense for McEntee and that seems to have helped.
2). I don't think McCoombs is there yet maybe lacks the break away speed you would like to see in a back but is still young and has no one ahead of him to lead him. Foxx on the other hand seemed totally inept today he couldn't see the holes returning kicks he didn't block on punt returns he was a mess. Why wasn't he redshirted?
1) TBJr. likes to drop passes. But i like the tandem of him and Davis both RSFr and i think that HCPP will bring in talent around them. That position just might take a few years to develop.
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