OT Syracuse Hillsman resigns

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May 1, 2020
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Hey there. After a check with some fellow Benchers, we remembered that while Lattimore considered ND, the more prolonged "mutual interest" was actually with PG Day-Wilson. That diminished and those embers would be pretty low considering thta fellow frosh Olivia Miles is just getting started at ND.

ND could use a big of Lattimore's ilk badly, but if it's a packdage deal, I just don't see it (because of the Miles/Day-Wilson factor).

Miles gave Day-Wilson all she could handle when they faced off against each other a few years ago. Had the interest in ND been mutual, that would have been a scary tandem. Not sure if Day-Wilson would have been able to work in a tandem like Miles did with Darius however.

Also, Lattimore has posted on IG about her ACL injury from last year and some of the recovery process. No idea as to how far along she is. I wonder if this will affect how she looks at her options if she's not cleared to play for some time. But the package deal factor will likely be the main one when they look at schools.
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