Notre Dame Was Really Good

Apr 6, 2021
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Without a doubt one of the best rivalries in sports this century.
The Bria vs Skylar matchup used to be unreal. I would watch and think, these are the two best guards in the country even when Bria was only a sophomore and Skylar was a junior. Bria would make a play, then Sky would block her shot. It was like Dragon Ball Z, super sayin type stuff. They both played at such a high level.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the 00-01 battles, including the big east tournament classic and uconn's ncaa loss. I wasn't as big of a fan at the time, though a sibling was at UConn at the time and was surprised when they lost in the tournament. But I think ND beat them by double figures in the regular season that year. I know Sue said on Inside the NBA that it was her most heartbreaking loss. I always wonder if that ND team was just a tough matchup for Uconn. I know Dee shot terribly that game but ND may have just been better that season (I know Uconn was injured as well).
Lastly, I like ND's team this year a lot. I think Niele Ivey will be better in year two. Last year was definitely a weird year to take over such a historic program. They are unproven and young but Sonia Cintron and Oliva Miles is a pretty good start in the backcourt. Westbeld had a really good year last year and should only improve. And then Sam Brunelle and getting back Natalija Marshall should help out their frontline. They also have some other good pieces like Dara Mabrey and Anaya Peoples. They may be a bit young to seriously contend this year, but I do think they should be a top 15 team.
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