No Student Fees Go Toward Diaco’s Buyout, According To UConn ‘Money Guy’ (Jacobs)

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    No Student Fees Go Toward Diaco’s Buyout, According To UConn ‘Money Guy’

    >>The firing of UConn football coach Bob Diaco and the subsequent hiring of Randy Edsall and his staff has brought a spate of editorial commentary, reader reaction and Twitter proclamations that point to the fact that sports is not always a microcosm of society. Sports has a scoreboard. Society has a moving target. I know that getting the best answer to the question about the $3.4 million buyout — deemed important two weeks ago — probably will only lead to four movable responses from those inside and outside the state sports scene:

    1. Who cares? Just win, Randy.
    2. How do you know UConn is telling the truth?
    3. Even if UConn is being truthful, football is an outrageous waste of money and an abomination of the primary collegiate responsibility to educate.
    4. Get basketball back into the Big East.<<

    <<So no student fees go toward the buyout of Bob Diaco's contract?"That's right,"

    Jordan said. Are there dynamics in place to ensure this? "There is an accounting system, and when a person is paid at the university, the source of funds has to be identified," Jordan said. "There are university employees, who we can look through our computer, though our payroll system, and identify, 'That employee was paid out of the money the state gave us.' Or, 'That employee was paid out of the general revenues of the university that might include tuition.'

    "This particular case is a payroll issue [Diaco must be paid his buyout within 60 days of his Jan. 2 termination]. We will be able to look at it and see that he was paid from self-generated athletic revenues." Jordan said he doesn't know if anyone has, but donors also can specify to the UConn Foundation if they want to give money toward the buyout. The Foundation would set up a separate account and give it to UConn solely for that purpose. According to school spokespeople, no donor has picked up a big piece of the Diaco tab.<<

    More within... worth the effort to read whole article.
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