New Coach

Aug 28, 2011
Jake Petrarca

Recruited Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland.
Was QB coach @ Stonehill the last few years... Getting his feet wet a little more here... I like that he's young and pretty much stays connected to the athletes since his college playing days were over.. AND he's been a schoolteacher... stays connected to more today's youth culture.. We actually need that, along with the football stuff... He's no stranger to recruiting either, even if it was never at this level of football... Tells me that Edsall knows this kid understands the game (playing & coaching)...
Aug 26, 2011
~27 year old Petrarca won't directly recruit and his recruiting coordinator, QB and TE coaching background was on the Div 2, 3, and high school level, but 6 years of direct coaching and on-campus pub management experience potentially may deliver more than a typical grad assistant a year or so out of college. If nothing else, it's time to re-open the Anonymous Pub. ;)

Stonehill football bio

Stonehill pub manager

"Jake (Petrarca) is our Brother Mike's manager, Stonehill's own pub inside The Hill. He oversees an outstanding group of certified student bartenders while organizing and executing engaging programming for our student body at large. Jake is also an Assistant Stonehill Football Coach, as well as their recruiting coordinator. Jake received his Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education/History from Salve Regina University in 2012. Currently, Jake is pursuing a Master's degree from Anna Maria College and resides in Braintree, MA."

Side note: In addition to UConn athletics' very own Football News link, who else totally missed UConn added OC to OL coach Frank Giuffre's responsibilities? Promoted 2/8/19.