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My Games Of Interest For Today (11/27)

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Aug 29, 2011
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The games I find interesting are:

Delaware vs St. Bonaventure :

Both teams are undefeated in this early part of the season. The Bonnies have faced the mighty Big East twice and beaten both West Virginia and St. John's. They feature three alum form the powerhouse Murry Bergtraum in NYC. Delaware is blessed with 2008's prize prospect, the great EDD. All her accomplishments are well noted and widely considered one of the elite player in college basketball this season. Wins for the Blue Hens have come over 12th ranked Penn State and the Big East's Villanova. Who remains undefeated?

Nebraska vs Florida State :

Are the Huskers ready to return to the form they showed in 2010? With the 5-0 start and playing in a new conference (Big Ten..which they might just win) things look pretty good. They have a win over 22nd ranked USC by 18 points. A match up with Georgia Tech will follow today's game. Ranked 24th, Florida State is 3-3. Not good. The Seminoles rely on all-Americans Cierra Bravard and Natasha Howard for scoring but the combo fell short in losses to Arkansas, Louisville and Florida. They have a chance to get on the road of redemption vs the Huskers.

Fairleigh Dinkinson vs Buffalo :

One of these teams will get a win out of their tournament. Both teams loss to UCONN. Both teams loss Dayton. Who wants it? The only thing that stands out is Buffalo played Dayton alot closer than FDU. Next!!!

Dayton vs Connecticut :

At 3-2 on the season Dayton is undefeated in this tournament. The Huskies are also undefeated. The Flyers blew out both opponents. The Huskies blew out both opponents. My interest today lies in that someone is going to get blown out today. Guess who? In one of the threads on the Boneyard, on the subject of quality of teams, someone stated Dayton would probably give UCONN some/better competition because they have a decent coach. Really? I say hogwash. They loss to Cincinnati. Another 90% team with the same result. But, we already know this!

LSU vs Ohio State :

This would be a great football game, but it basketball. LSU, once a power in women's basketball, is turning a new page in life. LSU took down 16th ranked Georgetown. Now, Nikki Caldwell gets a chance to beat another ranked team. I'm still confused on the losses to Tulane and Northwestern though. Ohio State is Ohio State. Never know what you'll get from them. Samantha Prahalis is running the show and team leading scorer. Tayler Hill is the new wing man. Lots of flash, do they have the cash? Their 4-0 start includes a win over Temple. Their next two game will 24th ranked Florida state and 14th ranked Oklahoma.

Baylor vs Tennessee :

This game needs to be on prime time television, but not on a Sunday. Tennessee has been waiting on this game and so have I. The Vols feel they have what it takes to tame the beast named Griner. Tennessee all-American squad featuring Simmons, Spani, Stricklen, Johnson, and etc.... is ranked 7th, down from being 3rd, after a loss to Virginia. Possibly just a minor hiccup, because the win at Miami was solid. 1st ranked Baylor is the team to beat. Everyone's question is can they go undefeated. Tennessee is the second test in their quest. I look at Baylor as if they are eating M&M's. The green ones are gone( 2nd ranked Notre Dame)and yellow are gone(UCLA). Now it's time for the orange ones(Tennessee). The blue (UCONN) , red(Texas A&M) and the brown(rest of there schedule) still remain. Will they choke on any of them? I hope so, just not the orange ones. But, I would not be mad at all if they did.

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Sep 12, 2011
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The Miami game was at home, not at Miami. Still, a big 2nd half for the Orange.
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