More Gaffney praise

Aug 17, 2011
Article in the JI today about Gaffney. Ostrout went to his game last night.

“Jalen has a got a combination of athleticism, speed and intelligence that creates a really efficient guard,” Berger said. “He makes very good decisions with the basketball. He’s also talented enough to finish at the rim and at the perimeter.”

UConn coach Dan Hurley shares a similar view of the top-100 national recruit.

Gaffney plays mostly on the wing for Westtown but likely will eventually become UConn’s point guard.

“His future is at the point long-term, but he’ll be able to play both spots next year because he’s got every skill you could want,” Hurley said Tuesday night.

Intriguing preview by UConn men's recruit Gaffney

Need a JI subscription to read it but try using Google Chrome and right clicking and then click on "Open link in incognito window" on the title of the article in the below link. | North-Central Connecticut's Hometown Newspaper
Sep 22, 2014
Here is the other angle on Gaffney (and Bouknight, for that matter) that should really excite all of us.

Hurley and this entire coaching staff is exhibiting a trait that we saw in Calhoun and his staffs throughout his coaching tenure - the ability to unearth guys who are significantly underrated, just at the beginning of their basketball growth cycle and not at the end.

More importantly, not only is their talent underrated, but so is their desire to win - I, like pretty much all of you, love guys like this, and Gaffney seems like he fits this mold.

Sounds like Hurley and Co. hit a home run with this young man. I can't wait to see him in a Husky uniform for the next few years!