Magic Johnson Resigns as Lakers President

May 7, 2014
Goes without saying that calling an impromptu press conference to quit before the season ends and before notifying the president is extremely immature and unprofessional. It’s like he was pissed off about something and wanted to give the Lakers as much negative press as possible.
I don’t think he is trying to harm the Lakers. But his comment alluding to having to fire Walton today was an interesting slip of the tongue. We know he, Jeanie, and Pelinka were all at odds regarding Walton as coach. Maybe Jeanie vetoed him from firing Walton and Magic doesn’t want to be tied to the mess that will be of Walton sticks around for long.

His leaving out of desire to be a mentor and ambassador for the game is legitimate. Dude definitely spread himself thin; there are also rumors that there is an article in the works that is going to make Magic look pretty bad from a management standpoint, like Pelinka walks in to the facility and frequently rhetorically asks “Where’s Magic Johnson??”


Point Center
Aug 27, 2011
I think the Celtics will not try to re-sign Kyrie. He is just not worth it.

The Lakers are almost like an expansion team. Sure they have cap space, but they also have a 34 year old superstar and a bunch of decent players that don't really want to be there any more. Basketball doesn't work well when you try to build rotisserie teams, and that is what the Lakers are going to have to do in the offseason.