Jeff Jacobs: As AAC rumors swirl, everything must be on the table for UConn | The Boneyard

Jeff Jacobs: As AAC rumors swirl, everything must be on the table for UConn

Aug 26, 2011
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Didn't seem right dumping this into a 24 page thread - feel free to move it.

Jeff Jacobs: As AAC rumors swirl, everything must be on the table for UConn

>>“The report wasn’t accurate in key areas,” American commissioner Mike Aresco said Tuesday. “I don’t know where this stuff comes from. We haven’t asked our schools for anything at this point. We’re in the preliminary stages of important negotiation. Our formal period starts next year. We’re discussing a lot of things.”<<

>>“I don’t know where the emphasis on grant-of-rights came from,” Aresco said. “It’s one way where conferences deal with this kind of thing. Conference composition is another. I have no idea where we’re going to go with this. It may not be an issue at all.”

Is it fair to say grant-of-rights and conference composition would be among the things discussed? “Absolutely,” Aresco said. “They’ll be discussed. But this thing made it sound like it’s all or nothing and that’s not the situation.”<<'

>>“I don’t see it,” Aresco said on unequal distribution. “I think the majority of our schools will agree with me. I firmly support our current policy of equal revenue sharing. We don’t have entirely equal sharing right now because of the money left over from the old Big East. UConn, Cincinnati and USF were responsible for a lot of that.

“But as we move forward our plan has always been equal sharing of revenue. Unequal sharing is not who we are. We turned down Boise when they were ready to join. They said they wanted a special deal, they wanted more revenue than the others and we said no. I felt that was the foundation of our conference.”<<


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Aug 24, 2011
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Can I make a living reading and summarizing Boneyard threads?
"Here's the Rub with NowInStrorrs"

Also props to Jacobs for seeking in a Zager and Evans reference.
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Aug 29, 2011
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Is there a more boring thread topic or newspaper column on the planet the CR musings in 2018?

makes my Arby's threads look like page turning gold.

What did jacobs say in that article?
Absolutely nothing.

What is going to happen with CR over next few years.
Most likely absolutely nothing.

IF on the rare powerball odds that there is CR movement in the next few years what is UConn going to get out of it?
Absolutely nothing.
If we get anything it will be a slot in the BigEast as UCF, Memphis, Cincinati and Houston get slots at the big12 remnant league. Which will bury our football.


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