Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)

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May 3, 2016
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I’m on Sebago Lake a half hour outside of Portland on vacation with my wife’s family. Every year we pencil in a Sea Dogs game and we missed the Cate-Sale head to head by a night. We had great seats second row behind the Harrisburg dugout. It was near to see Sale hung out in the Portland dugout most of the game.

Cate was acting batboy I’m not sure if that’s customary in the minors for the previous nights starter to do.

I was all set to go in my Hook C hat and try to say what up but my wife’s grandpa handed me a sea dogs hat to wear before we left and I couldn’t say no.
May 30, 2018
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I was watching the game when he started talking about Uconn. So happy and proud to hear his comments. He was just starting on basketball when the inning ended!
I love hearing the announcers talk about UConn players. During the ESPN broadcast on Monday (7/26), Karl Ravech talked about the fact that Barnes and Springer were former UConn mates. Barnes proceeded to pop up Springer for the final out of the game and save for Barnes. This prompted an exchange between the two which had Barnes laughing.
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