Grit, Fight, Pluck and Desire

Jan 11, 2013
Saw a lot of that today. Encouraging.

No Jalaise to speak of. Hard to know how exactly the game goes if all parties were healthy but I'd have liked our chances.

They were obviously keying on CV for a bit so it was nice to see some of the other guys step up. Wilson had some good takes and it seems like by the end of next year we might see Polley be a potential threat.

Tough game for Josh. He might've been effective but had some rough calls go against him, also had some overly aggressive moments betray him.

Game would've completely gotten out of hand if not for Cobb. He was a destabilizing presence both good and bad.

Wondering when we might see more out of Brendan than him dribble as fast as he can before handing it off ten feet away from the 3-point line.