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Going Forward: Schedule

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Dec 29, 2011
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Huge win on the road yesterday against Florida. The kind of win you hope turns things around, considering we had lost every close game we played this year (Texas, Yale, Temple). We can't change what happened in the past, but now they we are getting healthy and getting contributions from Calhoun and Purvis, I think we will see a team that has an ability to score more. If this team gets in the mid to high 60s consistently, we will A LOT of games because of our defense.

In looking at the schedule, this is a critical stretch coming up. All games are big at this point, don't get me wrong. We still have a very small margin of error, if any error at all. But consider are next 4 games and the RPI associated with those teams (RPI as of this morning):

at USF (206)
Cincinnati (34)
at Tulsa (48)
at Stanford (40)

3 teams with Top 50 RPIs. Not sure if Tulsa will stay in the Top 50 this year, but I figure Cincinnati and Stanford will. We have to take advantage of the opportunities and win these games, even with a couple on the road. Like I said above, I think we are becoming a different team. A team with more weapons and options on offense and defense. We are 83 in the RPI as of this morning.

Before the season started, everyone talk about our conference schedule being backloaded. If you really look at it, we play Cincinnati 2x in the first 7 conference games. After our road trip to Cincy and Houston in early February, our last 10 conference games consist of 2 games against Tulane, East Carolina and Memphis, a home game against Tulsa, 2 games against SMU, and a road game to end the year against Temple. Not as daunting as we originally thought. And also not a ton of opportunities for good RPI wins. That is why this upcoming stretch is huge.
Aug 26, 2011
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One game at a time for this team, I find it very hard to look past the next one because this team needs to "play through it" (PTI baby - new KOism) on every play in every game to achieve what they want.
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