For Hire: Linebacker Who Can’t Wait To Prove You Wrong

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    For Hire: LB Who Can’t Wait To Prove You Wrong | By Scooby Wright

    >>Throughout my career, many coaches and teams have overlooked my talents, as if my production on the field was just a fluke. I get it. If you see me in street clothes, you might not think I’m the next great NFL linebacker. But when you see me on the field, you’ll probably think differently.

    At Cardinal Newman High in Santa, Rosa, Calif., I was a four-year starter on both sides of the ball and a two-time all-state selection. Yet scouting services ranked me as just a two-star recruit. That rating basically means,Yeah, he can play well against high school kids, but how will that translate when he moves up a level?

    Here are some numbers from my second full season of college ball at Arizona:

      • 163 tackles
      • 14 sacks
      • 6 forced fumbles
      • 29 tackles for loss
      • 14 starts
    Not bad for two stars.

    Now, as I prepare for the NFL draft, some scouting services are projecting me as a fourth-round pick.

    Yeah, he can play well against college players, but how will that translate when he moves up a level?<<
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    Always liked Scooby. I hope the Giants take him in the third if he's available
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