Family Weekend: Legacy Breakfast


Dink & Dunk beat the Greatest Show on Turf.
Sep 10, 2012
My oldest just turned 6. I've celebrated a family weekend legacy breakfast every year for the last 5.

7:00 am. Rentschler Field parking lot. :D
Aug 24, 2016
I forgot to report back on this! The legacy breakfast was kind of cheesy, but it still got me a little choked up. Our daughter pinned my wife and I with a legacy pin, and we did the same for our daughter. We recited our pledges and listened to a nice short speech from the VP of Alumni Relations and one speech by an alum. I thought there would be a sales pitch for the Alumni Association, but that was not the case.

The breakfast itself was fondly reminiscent of my breakfasts in the Jungle cafeteria, right down to the last detail where they were out of everything! We enjoyed it anyway and got to talk with some other legacy families. As Husky25 said, we have another legacy breakfast scheduled for 7:00 next Saturday, and I guarantee that we won't run out of beverages!
Aug 27, 2011
the Alumni Association no longer exists.

The UConn Alumni Association
The UConn Alumni Association—now the Office of Alumni Relations in the UConn Foundation—was founded in 1888 as the Storrs Agricultural School Alumni Association. Isaac B. Wakeman, class of 1885, served as its first president.
In 1988, in commemoration of the Association’s 100th birthday, current and former association presidents broke ground on the Alumni Center, located on Alumni Drive in Storrs. Association President Timothy J. Riordan later expanded on the Center in 2000.
In 1994, the Alumni Association increased participation in regional and chapter activities, ramping up grassroots lobbying in support of UConn 2000. The ’90s saw several additions to Association programming, including an alumni admissions program, increases in alumni chapters across the country, and partnerships with cultural centers.
This growth waned in the 21st century, as paid membership numbers plateaued at about five percent of the total alumni population. At the same time, costs for programming and maintaining the Alumni Center increased. In 2014, the University partnered with Association leadership to find a solution.
Aug 26, 2011
the Alumni Association no longer exists.
Aside from a very few local groups with some positives, killing the overall costly ex-Alumni Association stuck in its' ancient we've always done things the same ole ineffective-ways was long overdue.

More favorable alumni relations features of a more effective & successful entity have gradually been wound into the UConn Foundation. One immediate positive was killing the dead alumni association's petty marginal dues very few alumni bothered to kick in, getting more people want to be involved versus encountering a few too many poorly organized activities and past tacky hard sales pitches, etc.

Long row to hoe, but a fresh start generally appears to be gradually reaping a more favorable harvest. For example, quality & reasonable consistency of scheduled activities, overall enhanced professional organization & management, no stale crackers & bad cheese, increasing resulting fundraising, etc.
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