Chief’s Briefs - SMU Edition

Oct 27, 2011
Quick prediction - With respect and empathy for Yakwe - who always played hard - we are going to see a bit of addition by subtraction overall on defense and offense by substituting Whaley in for his minutes.

Whaley is a specialist, but he is VERY GOOD at what he does well. He plays excellent positional defense, always contests on the ball, and has the length and bounce to effect shots from the weak side. On offense he is agile enough that he can both set great screens, dive to the rim well, and can be pesky on the boards and can finish better than Yakwe, who just didn't have a good record with that.
Liked Whaley a lot last nite. Open a lot on the roll but never gets the ball. Don't think UC ever gives it to the roll man. Maybe we should teach a better pick and roll and see the roll man once in a while. Pick and roll is the best offensive weapon when used right.