Brew's Clues - SMU

Jan 19, 2017
Nothing like a little home cooking to get things back on track. This game is all I ask to see from the team for the rest of this season...strong effort across the board from everyone, limited amounts of silly plays, and maintained poise when faced with adversity.

***The positives (LOTS!!!):

--Effort, intensity from everyone!!!
--No end-of-2st half/2nd half droughts...
--Only 10 turnovers. Much smarter decisionmaking and valued the ball much better
--Jalen played like we expect him to...really, just a great, great game and had some clutch plays when SMU closed the score up in the 2nd half
--Al probably played his best overall game as our PG.
--Tyler got off the schnide!
--Re-emergence of Carlton as a serviceable big man. He's still obviously less athletic than most opponents he'll face, but at least he was using more fundamental bball skills & IQ to stand a fighting chance. 8pts/7reb is just lovely
--Sid looked smoother, more comfortable, and brought ENERGY. 4pts/6reb/3blks and a TON more altered shots. I even loved the one he called for goaltending on. Sends a message that nothing's gonna get to the rim easy when he's near!
--Our closeouts on 3's were pretty good. SMU had an off shooting night from 3 but our D was part of the reason for it. Very few open looks...

***Negatives/Things to keep working at:

--We let them get too many offensive rebounds. SMU is a great offensive rebounding team and overall is way more athletic, but losing the Oreb battle 23-6 was a bit much. Effort was there but still not getting the boxouts quick enough...
--Offensive ball movement vs. the zone. Not sure why SMU didn't stay in zone as it was the main factor behind them making their 2nd-half run. We showed some signs of attacking it the right way but there still is a lot of work to be done for us to be able to consistently handle a zone and get good shot opportunities...


Double IPA Award: Tough call, but I'll give it to Jalen
IPA Award: Alterique
Session IPA Award: CV...quiet but effective 11&7
Imperial Stout Award: Did we have a dunk tonight? I don't remember one. But it goes to Sid for his nasty blocks
Sour Farmhouse IPA Award: The Refs. Although I think we benefited from their excessive foul calls in the 2nd half, I think that it really killed the overall flow of the game. Lots of the calls on both teams were really "play on" situations.

Cheers!!! Let's start a winning streak now!!!