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Brew’s Clues - Drexel

Jan 19, 2017
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A great bounce back from Manhattan and gets the spirits up for our big game vs Villanova this weekend!

The positives:
-I think this was our best team defensive game of the year. We had great ball pressure, bigs didn’t get burned as much and were in much better position
-After we settled down a sloppy 1st few minutes, we took much better care of the ball. Only 10 TOs was a nice step in the right direction
-offense flowed much better, just about all our 3s were nice in-rhythm looks. We shot something like 10/17 from 3 as a result
-Great games from Tarin, Jalen, CV!!!
-After a rough first 10min, AG made much smarter decisions overall
-Yakwe was a beast on D, set solid screens, and looked comfortable with the ball in his hands. If he can play like this vs Villanova, I like our chances

The negatives:
Going to be nit picky here, as there weren’t huge issues...
—AG needs to find a way to come out of the gate in control; took him 7-10 minutes to settle in and not overpenetrate and force things
—Carlton and Polley need to get better on D. Lots of times let their men get easy looks at the hoop

Double IPA Award - Tarin...what a game!
IPA Award - Jalen
Session IPA Award - CV
Imperial Stout Award - (tie) Tarin (breakaway dunk) / Sid (putback dunk after block on defensive end)
Sour Farmhouse Ale Award - Drexel player hit with the T for Cobra Kai sweep the leg move

Cheers to a great game. Let’s beat the Wildcats!!!!
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