Auditors: UConn Misused Millions

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    “UConn 2000” is the title for the state’s financing program for capital projects at its flagship university. The program, which dates back to 1996, has pumped $2.36 billion into the main and satellite campuses in two decades.

    The auditors surveyed 20 of the “larger, recent, deferred-maintenance projects” and noted that the “primary objective” of 10 projects “was to expand the capacity of, or otherwise upgrade, assets.”

    Geragosian and Ward added that “legislative authorization should be sought for projects that do not constitute deferred maintenance.”

    Examples included:

    $23 million in state bonding used to expand the maximum capacity of the Putnam Refectory dining hall from 400 to 700 people.
    $4.7 million to construct a functional magnetic resonance imaging center in the Philips Communications Sciences Building.
    And $2.3 million to increase water delivery capacity by installing new water mains and burying electrical lines.

    Auditors: UConn Misused Millions | New Haven Independent
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    Those things sure sound like maintenance to me.