After A Decade Of Sober Rides- UConn GUARD Dogs Disbands

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    GUARD Dogs, a no-questions-asked transportation service for students to use on weekends, was officially disbanded due to a severe lack of volunteers and and stringent university requirements.

    “There is a need for us (GUARD Dogs) to exist, but not niche for us to exist in anymore,”said Timothy Lim, UConn graduate and 2015 GUARD Dogs president.

    Rebecca Auger and Shawn Logue founded GUARD Dogs in 2006. It was a pilot program run under USG, who provided about $40,000 a semester. By 2007, the organization had around six members, said Haley Garbus, UConn graduate and 2015 GUARD Dogs operations officer.

    By 2010, the club had grown to over 250 members: 50 core volunteers who volunteered on a regular basis, and 200 who volunteered less frequently. Members of clubs and sports teams on campus who needed volunteer hours would work one night a semester to help on nights with fewer volunteers, Garbus said.

    After a decade of sober rides, UConn GUARD Dogs disbands
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    Strange, I had to do community service in '93 or '94 after my floor had a dorm party and I got tapped with having more than 10 people in my room (the 11th person was the UConn police officer swearing his head off, I was not impressed). Thus, I did two nights in a van pick providing late night rides to students all over campus. I wonder if this was the same thing.
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    Guard Dogs was great when I was a sophomore, but it went to crap real fast my junior year. Twice in two weeks I was picked up by people who were stoned and had to yell at them to pull over so I could get out of the car. I never took it again and then it was shut down.