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A Couple of Book Reviews

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Aug 26, 2011
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For anyone who might be interested in my novel, here's a couple of recent reviews. I do have a book signing open to the public this Sat, at 11:30 at the Book Club bookstore, 100 Main St. Broad Brook CT.

It's always a thrill to have reviews of Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young like these most recent ones written on Amazon,com and Goodreads.com. In case you're wondering, I don't know these people:

"Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young by Avi Morris is a very powerful book. It was an eye opener about what some foster kids actually go through. The abuse that some of these kids suffer is terrible. I believe if more books were written about foster kids and their stories, it will help raise awareness.

"Crocodile Mothers Eat Their Young" is a work of fiction. Although sadly, many kids have actually experienced what happens in the story. The story is told through the foster father's, Hal Allen, eyes. At times the reader experiences what the kids, Selena and Valentina go through. Morris gives his character Valentina, who the story focuses on, so much strength and courage. Valentina is a hero in this book and I wish that I could have even half the courage she has. The story did not end like I thought it would but similar to real life it rarely does.

This was a great book. From the first chapter I was hooked. The second chapter, where the story takes off, actually made me cry. As I have already mentioned, this is a work of fiction, but I had to remind myself that constantly throughout the story. What makes this such a great story is that it raises awareness for foster kids. Not only does the book tell what happens through the kids' eyes, it also tells what the foster parents experience. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever considered becoming a foster parent. Hopefully this book will encourage more people to become foster parents."
"First off, I have to say that I read this book very quickly, as I was sucked into it right away. I think that in itself gives it five stars. Anytime I read a book this quickly, makes it pretty exceptional.
This is an important piece of writing, as to its subject matter. Children are our most vulnerable members of our society and also our least protected. This book covers the tragedy of child abuse but also the child protection and legal system in our country. Knowing what I know, as I had worked in a group home with teenage girls (many in similar situations as the main character in this book) as well as currently working at Social Services, I am sad to say that this book was so realistic that it is heartbreaking. So, this book very realistically shows the reader how dysfunctional and chaotic many children's lives really are and how our system can both fail them and help them.
I really liked how the author told this story, the shifting in voices in each chapter was unique and effective. Not only does the reader get an emotional telling of the story but also an almost 'neutral' (for lack of a better word) telling. The more you read, the more the story unfolds. The author skillfully continues to reveal more with each chapter which is both emotionally connecting us to the characters and showing the reader how abusive households work and the damage that leaves on the children.
I like the realism of the story as well, how Hal, the main character, talks of getting sucked into becoming a foster parent by his wife and his initial reluctance in doing so, especially since all his own children were grown and have left home. The author shows the reader Hal's slow progression from reluctance to fostering a troubled child to then caring for her and then to fiercely loving and wanting to protect her. I think that kind of progression is honest and true to life. Having the story told, in part, from Hal's perspective, is pretty effective. I like that he doesn't make himself out to sound like a martyr. Just a guy who unexpectedly was able to touch and be touched by a young girl who so desperately needed help.
This was an excellent book. You will laugh a little, cry a little, be in suspense for awhile, and then you will feel uplifted after you have finished this book."
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