20th Aniversary Celebration of the 1999 Championship team on February 24th vs Cincy

Jan 19, 2019
What a great weekend it was being there for the finals. Flew down from Atlanta for the weekend and met other CT buddies there.
There was an outdoor bar by one of stadiums entryway where everyone was hanging out. I don’t remember which school it was but before the semi’s started Sat night They got a chant going saying.. Jake is a Homo Jake is a Homo Jake is a Homo.....There were probably at least 30-40 of us UConn fans who immediately started chanting and pointing at the group Jake did your mother Jake did your mother Jake did your mother...the chants kept going back and forth for a while. Everyone was cool about it and having fun.
Was anyone there for this or at the games ?
Apr 24, 2018
Ahhhhh. The good ole days. God, those times on one hand seem so vivid in my memory, but on the other hand, seems worlds away. Crazy how things go over the years. I remember when uconn playing 2 times a week-usually on ESPN Big Monday and Saturday- were what got me through the long cold weeks of January and February. So spoiled back then. Took it completely fir granted.