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1 Year Ago week of 12/3/2017

Aug 28, 2011
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Lots of hand wringing about Kwintin and Whaley. Some frustrated fans. Most of us appreciate the change in trajectory, so let's take a look at where we were at this time last year.

On 12/3/2017 UConn was 6-2. Unimpressive against Colgate, Stony Brook and BU, but 3 wins. We were teased with an exciting win over Oregon.

Then the wheels fell off. We'd lose Gilbert for the year (again) and get embarrassed by Michigan State (77-57) and Arkansas. (102-67). We followed that up with uninspired OT wins against Columbia and Monmouth.

On 12/3/2018 UConn is again 6-2 with the only loss where the team looked unprepared and unable to compete being Iowa. We've beaten (top 15 at the time) little sister Saracuse, and were in the game with a pretty good Arizona team despite really poor play from 3 of our 4 guards.

Cobb has been a revelation, Sid looks like he'll be a stat-stuffer with more minutes. Polley is more aggressive and looking like a potentially better Terry Larrier. Adams' minutes are down, and he's more efficient. Gilbert is inconsistent but showing us he can be the McD's AA he was out of HS once he puts it together. Vital is Vital, the guy we love and hate.

Aside from individual play, the team is... a team. They still struggle defensively, but on the offensive end the ball moves more, the team runs, they occasionally make the extra pass, and they're playing for each other and their coach.

Recruiting couldn't be going much better. Commitments from 3 very important pieces. Not just good players, but ones that fill our needs going forward.

The record is the same, but the story is much different. The future is bright. The AAC should be nervous, we're coming back for ya.

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