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  1. EricLA

    Kia Nurse Drops 26 on Sparks

    First, even tho I'm from LA, I can't stand the Sparks. Parker is beyond prima donna status, the whole Grey skipping out on Team USA sitch, and Maybrey is almost as unlikable as Parker, but with half the talent. Second, I thought for sure NY was not going to win a game this season after the...
  2. EricLA

    Muffet continues her anti-Geno smear campaign

    It's funny - I was waiting for the ND fans to come on the board and defend Muffet, but it's been crickets really. One poster @IrishTiger disagrees with her, and the other ND fan I saw took a shot at @oldude...
  3. EricLA

    Did Ania Step In It With Phee

    I doubt Phee is ticked. If Geno had felt Ania needed to call Phee and ask permission, I'm sure he would have given her that direction. Phee is a beast monster on the court, but she struck me as soft spoken, thoughtful, kind and compassionate in person. I have hard time picturing her being...
  4. EricLA

    Derek Fisher slams treatment of WNBA players

    It's a catch-22. The WNBA barely makes money, or loses money. In that scenario, no investor is going to want to buy teams that lose $, and therefore, salaries can't increase. NBA players (and NFL and MLB etc) are paid tens of millions of $ each year because the investors/owners can afford it...
  5. EricLA

    Kia's mission continues.....

    Good for Kia. Let's hope it helps land some of the up and coming Canadian basketball stars!
  6. EricLA

    Down year in WNBA

    Looks like he did LOL
  7. EricLA

    WNBA Rookies todate

    22 rookies made teams this season? Is that some kind of record? I've seen classes where just a few end up making it. I'm sure some will be cut next year, but 22 is a LOT!
  8. EricLA

    Nika Muhl: Comfy In Her Own Skin

    I had one of those once, but the Dr. prescribed some medication that cleared it right up! :D
  9. EricLA

    Liberty trailing Fever by 24

    I know the draft won't be terribly deep this coming season, but the top will be very good. Ionescu, Cox, Dangerfield, Heberd, Charles (MD), Mompremier and maybe a few others. Any team in the bottom 4 can land a really good player...
  10. EricLA

    OT: Serena Williams ousted in 3rd round of French Open

    So great for the young American. Pretty disgusted with the French fans - Super tight match, Serena was coming back, and hit a wicked shot that barely grazed the sideline just over the net. Sofia went over and angrily slid her foot over the mark and the French fans booed and catcalled her for...
  11. EricLA

    Kellie Harper Doesn't Agree with Geno

    The definition of "rivalry" more or less is "competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field." The definition of "rival" more or less is "a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity." Or as a verb...
  12. EricLA

    She's Coming Back for More

    Oklahoma gave us a really good game last year. I think with the additions to our roster recently (Adebayo, Makurat, Westbrook hopefully), UCONN will have talent AND depth. I don't expect nearly as close a game, but I hope Oklahoma has a much better season overall. I like Sherri a lot and wish...
  13. EricLA

    Christyn Williams 3x3

    Congrats to Christyn and all the ladies selected. Bella Alaire - looks like Carla inherited a blue chipper at Princeton. Hopefully she can build on that and recruit some really good players going forward. Go Princeton!!!
  14. EricLA

    Carla Berube New head Coach at Princeton

    This is great news - Congrats to Carla - I hope she continues her great tradition of success from Tufts to Princeton. I think it's a perfect spot for her - Princeton has a really good tradition in the Ivy League, and hopefully Carla can win big there and take her teams dancing. I never thought...
  15. EricLA

    Kellie Harper Doesn't Agree with Geno

    IMHO, Pat NEVER got Geno. She did not understand his humor, nor did she like it. Possibly she disliked it because she simply did not get it. Or maybe it got under her skin for other reasons. Anyway that's what I meant. Clearly she knew he was a threat - It's one of the reasons she tried to...
  16. EricLA

    Kellie Harper Doesn't Agree with Geno

    All joking aside, she may be the first Tennessee coach to actually get Geno. As for Auriemma? “Geno is a very good coach,” Harper said, “and he’s a clever coach as well.” I don't know the exact reason Geno said what he did, but it reminds me of his needling of Duke "You know, there are just...
  17. EricLA

    It's Studied, But Still Uncanny

    Normally I'd agree with you, but then she very well may tell Geno "I didn't travel 6,000 miles to play defense...!" :D
  18. EricLA

    WNBA Players Tell Trolls to be More Creative

    First of all, let's be honest - really the only people who will be seeing that video are folks who are fans of the WNBA. I don't know if the trolls will even be aware that they even got punked. Second, one of the underlying messages of NOT objectifying women is really front and center from...
  19. EricLA

    Darko Muhl Is Kuhl

    Really like everything I see and hear about this kid. Of course she's only 18 or whatever she is. She WILL get stronger while at UCONN. That will help her passes be even crisper. At first I thought she had a weak left hand (made a 2 handed layup going left), but there were several others where...
  20. EricLA

    OT: RIP Bill Buckner

    Wonderful ovation for him in 2008 when he arrived to throw out the first pitch of the season...
  21. EricLA

    Kylee Watson 5 Star 6'4" to Oregon

    Makes sense, but all I meant was "lose out on". I probably should have said that instead of "lose" ie. Danielle Patterson. Who is ND going hard after for 2020 and 2021? Who do you all think you have the best shot at landing?
  22. EricLA

    Huskies Checking in from the Gym

    So now we know Westbrook is on campus. The first post also lists Ania Makurat. Is Ania on campus too?
  23. EricLA

    D3 team booted out of conference! Why?

    In fairness, tho, no one really knows how that blowout game was played. Did St Thomas put in most of their subs in the 2nd half? 2nd and 3rd string players? If so, it's like when our subs get in - we don't have to press and run fast breaks all over the court, but you can't expect even the 2nd...
  24. EricLA

    D3 team booted out of conference! Why?

    Scott Van Pelt did a segment on this on ESPN last night. He was disgusted with the league for booting the team out. He noted that St. Thomas was one of the founding members of the league, started in 1920. He also noted that St. Thomas lost 2 games to conference rivals last season. The...
  25. EricLA

    Any WNBA roster surprises?

    I'll be the first to admit I haven't followed the minutia of detail as each WNBA team pared their roster down to 12 to start the season, so I figured I'd ask the smarter people who follow - any surprises making the teams? Any surprises that were cut? Thanks!
  26. EricLA

    Kylee Watson 5 Star 6'4" to Oregon

    Wow what's going on with ND? They can't be pleased to lose another recruit...
  27. EricLA

    Geno hints at more roster additions

    That was awesome! An absolute classic. "Would you consider moderating the Boneyard when you retire?" "Maybe when hell freezes over and I'm relegated to a convalescent home eating yogurt and oatmeal..." You outdid yourself Biff!!!
  28. EricLA

    Great Geno quote - courtesy of a Dave Borges tweet

    Not sure if this was posted anywhere else but I just came across it and it gave me a chuckle! :D On edit - he did amend his tweet later saying he meant Poland, not Russia.
  29. EricLA

    Geno hints at more roster additions

    Culture shock as in she will be expected to (and be pushed to) the max limits of her abilities so she can be the best player that she can/wants to be? Culture shock in that the coaches will actually TEACH her how to run offense, how to read defenses, motion offense, help defense, etc etc? I...
  30. EricLA

    Geno hints at more roster additions

    I'm Italian and we all pretty much talk with our hands. All you have to do is speak loudly and excitedly, and use lots of hand gestures! They will get the message! :D
  31. EricLA

    New transfer thread

    Because the NCAA wanted to create some drama and suspense?! ;)
  32. EricLA

    Z's Early Departure Surprised Geno, She Admits

    I'm not so sure about that. Not saying you are incorrect, but I recall Geno saying something along the lines of "we don't spend much time with the kids who are red shirting because they aren't going to be able to play this year". It was one of the reasons Azura got off to a slow start when she...
  33. EricLA

    Westbrook to Uconn [merged thread]

    In fairness, though, I guess that means there were 17 other pages of posts talking about Westbrook to UCONN? I think overall the fans are beyond thrilled. Yesterday Geno addressed the comments she made after the vols lost in the 2nd round of the NCAA's and said something like "heat of the...