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  1. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT: What's Next Celtics Fans...?

    Bring Bazz home
  2. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Chris Jones MAY have to leave UConn baseball

    I’ve often wondered what kinda money he makes\if he works another gig.
  3. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Lakers get Davis

    I think it’s funny people are like “do the lakers need to use the rest of their cap space to get a third superstar or a few other guys that are mid-level?” Considering they traded 4:1 and the 4th pick in the draft I think they need to get a few more guys.
  4. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)

    With the Mets staff literally falling apart do we see Kay with the big club sooner rather than later?
  5. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    What does being a Husky Forever mean to you?

    The one and only dream school!
  6. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    New UConn Rec Center Progress Video 5/4/19

    Was just on campus last week. It’s a very impressive looking building. At least from the outside. I think the days of kids preferring the Eastbrook Mall Planet Fitness are numbered.
  7. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Precious to Memphis

    I just figured out what this is in response to. Are you counting on Akok to guard him?
  8. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT: Best TV Dad (comedy)

  9. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Big Little Lies

    Shows like this, where they base season 1 on a single mysterious event and gradually give hints and clues until the mystery is solved in the finale tend to really struggle in the second season as they try to expand on the event and also create new plot lines.
  10. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT Spike Ball national championship ESPN 2

    Aka the game that people love to set up 5 feet away from me at the beach every time
  11. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Tyler Lorenzen - On CNBC

    Cauliflower bro. It’s all about the cauliflower.
  12. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Precious to Memphis

    How much does Precious make as a camp counselor? $250,00 for the summer?
  13. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)

    NESN showing a short doc on Matt Barnes right now.
  14. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Anthony Prato to Minnesota Twins w/ pick #209 (7th round)

    I definitely see Prato more of a grinder 2b in the majors than a SS. The easy comparison to make here is Pedroia who was a shortstop in college.
  15. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    There is a video game tournament on ESPNNews right now

    I know this is a rough patch time of year for sports programming but the American Cornhole League is on the deuce this afternoon.
  16. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    What does being a Husky Forever mean to you?

    As I posted in a thread earlier this Spring I am officially becoming a UConn student for the first time next week at the age 31 as I pursue my 2nd Masters en route to my School Administrator license. I grew up in a household of UConn fans in Vernon in throws of “Husky Mania” in the 90s. My first...
  17. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Mamadou Diarra

    Husky forever.
  18. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Free agent Kemba

    Jeremy Lamb as your number 2 was good enough in college. Now not so much. Getting guys like Dwight Howard and Tony Parker 5 years past their prime ain’t good enough. Doing awful in every draft ain’t good enough (Bridges does have some potential though). The fact he’s gotten whatever random...
  19. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Chris Young (Hartford) Tickets

    I think he’s “buy me a boat” guy right?
  20. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Could the Rent Become the Home of the Tampa Bay Rays?

    Would Sox and Yankees fans drop their teams for the Hartford Handmaids?
  21. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Chiep retires (maybe)

    Yeah but is CV better than Craig Austrie?
  22. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)

    They were selling Springer jersey tees next to Lobo and Bird at the bookstore today
  23. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Open Schollie

    So #thegrind was the grinding of bone on bone in Mamadou’s knees that keeps continuing?
  24. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    College Football Starting Quarterback Rankings 1-130 (Athlon)

    Hopefully the guys find some motivation in the fact that people who write these lists seem to start with plugging us in dead last and go from there.
  25. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Legal question.

    If they do that to your poor wife for ringing their doorbell what are they gonna do when you punch them in the throat?
  26. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Osama Bin Dabo

    Is this the new saying someone is “like Hitler”
  27. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT: Durant, his future, and Raptors fans

    They cheered because it was a turnover I’m pretty sure
  28. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT: Weirdest ingredient in your kitchen?

    I definitely with smoked paprika in a lot of stuff
  29. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT: Weirdest ingredient in your kitchen?

    This is Larry David level neurosis
  30. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    Gregg Marshall and Brian Gregory in March Madness 365 Podcast

    But if the AAC is gonna get 4 bids what will happen to the 8th best ACC team with a 18-13 record?
  31. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    OT: Weirdest ingredient in your kitchen?

    She must read the same blogs as Mrs DJ2.0
  32. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    2020 UConn Commit #1 - Marques Alexander (St Petersburg Florida)

    I’ll buy you and your whole crew season tickets if this kid enrolls.
  33. Dream Jobbed 2.0

    2020 UConn Commit #1 - Marques Alexander (St Petersburg Florida)

    Awesome! Always leery about early signees who seem too good to be coming here though