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    OT: David Ortiz Shot

    Odd, I had a comment in this thread...
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    Big East all-time conference wins

    There should be a category for number of seasons each team was in the Big East. For example, 362 conference wins for Uconn does not seem like a lot at first glance, but Nova, Gtown, St. Johns, Shall, Providence have spent a lot more seasons in the BE than Uconn so.... Plus one of those...
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    OT: Help Me Choose a Tablet, Hive Mind

    I am super happy with my Samsung SM-T700. I've had it for 4.5 + years and still no lag, resilient/bright screen, takes great photos and still a great battery after all these years, works fine. I am sure they have a newer version of that model, but other than dropping it last week accidentally...
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    Favorite Uconn team that didn’t win a championship?

    The team that lost to Texas. The 1998 team. The Ray team that lost to UCLA. The 20-10 team in Ollies first year, amazing performance despite the ban. really loved watching them. All such fun to watch. The 2006 team was more frustrating than fun.
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    OT: mark stevens

    So the mystery fan who pushed Lowry was part-owner of the Warriors, mark stevens. I feel like before it was known who the person was, everyone, even the league, was far more inclined to dole out pretty severe punishments including going as far as to recommending a lifetime ban. I feel like now...
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    OT: It's over

    Somebody got tired of him and wanted to see his run end.... "She told the Chicago Tribune that she wrote her master's thesis at the University of North Carolina in 2016 "on predicting the difficulty of trivia questions using 'Jeopardy!' clues." She wrote her undergraduate thesis at Princeton on...
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    Bad news soon

    Well played.
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    Good news soon

    Chief look out, there is a new kid on the block.
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    2011 SDSU

    Winners don't make excuses.
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    OT: Eugene Omoruyi transfers from Rutgers in dead of night

    Rutgers and BC can remain dumpster fires forever for all I care. The two most undeserving schools at the P5 table, Lville rounding out the top 3.
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    Not sure if this was mentioned yet but the guy, in 22 years, never struck out 3 times in a game. 2715 hits and a respectable .287 BA.
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    That is absolutely insane. Any way, glad the guy got to live long enough to see a few championships. I wonder if he felt any vindication after Boston's first 'ship. Thing is, there are so many errors that lead to losses in championship games, that one was just magnified to the extreme which...
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    Underhanded free throw shots?

    What is your opinion on the underhanded freethrow shot, aka the "granny shot"? Should players who are poor at the line experiment with it to see if it improves their FT%? I originally found a shot science basketball video on Canyon Barry on facebook but I could not find the same video on...
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    Wisconsin Asst in tragic accident

    Very sad to hear this.
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    Kemba Walker Third Team All-NBA

    The things I'd do to make even a quarter of that in a life time.....
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    No AAC-SEC for UConn

    What I was about to say. You could pick 4 random sec teams out of a hat 100 times and 99 or 100 times that combo of 4 sec teams will be better than the ones listed. Still, a bottom tier sec team is way better than, say, a team like coppin st. Oh well, not gonna make a big deal of it, maybe...
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    OT: Back from the Dead (past BY member)

    One day I will be back in CT, would love to stop by... I have stopped drinking but the occasional cheat night with a good local beer or two might be worth it, how much for a pint?
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    OT: Random NBA fact: 7"7 Manute Bol once made six 3-pointers in one half

    This is what I love about sports, the randomness you can sometimes find. Here is the video of him sinking all six 3s vs the Suns. To be fair, his 4 misses in the half are not shown but still, 6-10 is quite impressive and what a stroke the big guy had! Thoughts? Any other random NBA stats...
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    Does Coach K suck?

    I get people saying they dislike the guy, sure...But wow, this is too much.
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    OT: Who you g.o.t.

    I don't watch GoT but jesus, has anyone heard of spoiler tags for The wire? Come on.
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    The Grind

    Just sounds so cliche. I love the French. Most of the bad rep French people get is because of Paris and even then my countless visits have been opposite of most. I found people in the NW of the country to be brilliant too, so kind, caring and giving, for example. I actually have more of an...
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    The Grind

    The boneyard is a mysterious place, welcome.
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    Precious to Memphis

    Not so sure he was a legend. He had the potential to be, but I would place him pretty solidly in the top 200-250 range all time.
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    There is a video game tournament on ESPNNews right now

    I love videogames but watching them for extended amounts of time, I agree, is boring. Unless it is a 2-player game where you take turns, not so bad, like Mario or Donkey Kong Country or something like that. Maybe if it is a fighting tourney like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, but otherwise...
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    Kemba Kyrie?

    Love Kemba but greatest Hornet of all time? Not sure. Larry Johnson, Glen Rice and Alonzo Mourning could challenge for that title. At the very least those 4 are on a Charlotte Hornets Mt. Rushmore. Hornets haven't had a heck of a lot of great players IMO. (You could make an argument for...
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    There is a video game tournament on ESPNNews right now

    That is sad. Genesis, snes, playstation 1 and dreamcast were my favorite systems. Those two generations had so many fun games, where gameplay really took center stage above all else IMO.
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    The Grind

    Gag order I assume?
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    Metal Detectors To Now Be In Use In Gampel

    Exactly, it is coming.
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    OT: Things Other Parents Let Their Kids Get Away With.....

    I was just going to say, teachers. The type of things you tend to hear depends on the demographics involved but regardless of status you will hear crazy stuff. Just different types of crazy. For example, my crazy stuff is not like the above. Rather it is what you would expect from rich kids...
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    Woj: Michigan's John Beilein to the Cleveland Cavs

    I lived with a Michigan alum for 18 months. Pretty good roomie 'cept during the games. He and his Michigan alum friends would go nuts during bball and fball games. They were happy with Beilein and that is before the recent national runners up. I am sure he has been thrilled recently. The...
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    Can NCAA handle hoops scandal? 'It's time to get this right' (Yahoo)

    ehhhh, aac was better than the pac12 this past year and will likely be better this coming year and has a good shot at catching the big east in the coming years.
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    Strange thought: make NIT relevant?

    Lots of Cuse fans here! Hello Cuse fans, 4>1. Remember that.
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    Who do you think we will land?

    Chief said there is a gentle flow of water through the dam still, if I recall. So, I think that means soon.
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    Strange thought: make NIT relevant?

    That could work for the NIT, maybe with the stipulation that said team finish at least above .500 by a game. It would not prevent teams from coasting because they would still be playing for seed.