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  1. Drumguy

    Z's Early Departure Surprised Geno, She Admits

    Must be great to know it all. You seem to know everything and no one else can have any opinion that differs. I suspect these message boards are a tough read for you since there's so many of us idiots out there.
  2. Drumguy

    Z's Early Departure Surprised Geno, She Admits

    Well, this is a message board and I think its pretty clear that it's just my opinion having watched her come just short of her potential as we expected and heard from the horde covering her. fwiw, you don't know squat about her either so your guess about family and other circumstances is just...
  3. Drumguy

    Z's Early Departure Surprised Geno, She Admits

    I'm not sure It wouldn't have been very meaningful to stay and have a major chance to win a national championship. My impression is that she didn't totally buy into the coaching which is why she didn't play more despite her amazing talent. She probably felt she was "good enough" and we know...
  4. Drumguy


    One last tidbit - get the business card of the place you are staying or going. Addresses are pretty funky in Japan, Tokyo for sure - you want to hand them the address card otherwise you will definitely have trouble communicating - some addresses are not really addresses and many doors have no...
  5. Drumguy


    In Tokyo I'd add to go to the food stalls under the bridge in Ginza; treat yourself to amazing mixed drinks at Gen Yamamoto English Craftheads is a great beer bar in Tokyo. Go to Shibuya Crossing to see the hordes of people crossing the streets. Go to the Tsukiji fish market, even though its in...
  6. Drumguy

    OT: Transgender Athletes, A new Video

    I interpreted that to mean that as males our bodies produce testosterone in larger amounts from conception than a female would. So from birth a male has more muscle building hormones. Its somewhat inferential but I believe that is Rocky's meaning.
  7. Drumguy

    Grad Transfer Evelyn Adebayo commits to UConn

    Agreed, I wouldn't dub her a starter at this point. She is most likely a complementary (and very needed) player. I really know know little to nothing but Geno's systems are hard and there is definitely a learning curve. Remember that despite all of Azura's innate talent, she didn't start (had...
  8. Drumguy

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I initially thought the same but thinking about it, we didn't see her sneaking up, all we saw was a white walkers hair move, and the likelihood of her sneaking through the zombie hordes as herself is small. The only way she could have gotten there unseen is as a faceshifter.
  9. Drumguy

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    The books better portrayed Arya's training as a faceless assassin - was probably one of the more creative parts of GRRMs books - her evolution in becoming one. She is a BadAss character. I liked the portrayal on the ramparts as she mowed down the zombies! imho her ability to face shift and...
  10. Drumguy

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Tactically also the Night King pulled a Santa Anna and should have just bypassed Winterfell on his way to conquer the world. Everyone in Winterfell would have frozen or starved and he could have just walked through the countryside - game over. Then his minions just stand around in a circle...
  11. Drumguy

    OT: Running a hotel

    I'd consider contacting the Hotel School at Cornell as well. Research Fellows and Visiting Scholars | CHR | Cornell SHA It's very international and I'd bet they could put you in touch with a professor and you could probably get students or grad students to do a case study for you for free...
  12. Drumguy

    Enoch on campus

    AT the end of the day, he's a CT kid and maybe he felt like he had no choice but to leave; I think at this point we know enough about the Ollie era to give any of these transfers a little benefit of the doubt. It'd be odd for him to return (again says more about Ollie) but I for one would...
  13. Drumguy

    Mikayla Coombs to Transfer

    Well, that sucks. Maybe not a starter but hard to believe she wouldn't have significant minutes next year.
  14. Drumguy

    Next year's team

    My first thought was to agree they aren't as talented, but upon reflection I think It might be more that the opposing teams are now much better overall and closer to our A Team, so its much more of a talent difference between the B Team and our opponent's A teams. That could he real story of...
  15. Drumguy

    Asia Durr win Ann Drysdale Award

    +1 I had that thought as well!
  16. Drumguy

    Great Read on Napheesa

    +1 this is a great article.
  17. Drumguy

    Vic take on playing at Portland

    I think he's a terrific coach and seems like a real class act. I think his comment on playing the Huskies for the first time and getting creamed is a classic: "Like Piranha on a roast"!
  18. Drumguy

    Louisville Jeff Walz to Tennessee?

    AT the end of the day its a great opportunity for him. Probably the only school he could go to with great personnel (maybe better than LV) and get more money and have all that tradition to recruit to. imho if its true he'd be foolish not to take the job.
  19. Drumguy

    Going to Spain: Dollars to Euros Tips

    ATMs are the best source assuming you don't pay fees, otherwise bring some with you as DaddyHam says above. I always bring a hundred or two Euros home so next trip you don't have to worry until you get to the cities! Once you've got your euros and get to Barcelona, and, are done with the...
  20. Drumguy

    UCLA UConn

    ROFL I'll take that bet. There will be less fouls this game, no way we lose to a team that has lost 12 games this season.
  21. Drumguy

    Cincy, hopefully can pull win out for AAC

    I did not take them in the tournament. Talk about a team that underperforms.
  22. Drumguy

    Gotta wonder if UConn is a 2 seed because

    They blamed the conference. The concept of Power 5 in basketball is ludicrous, its a football designation that isn't all that accurate, it just differentiates between highly paid conferences and us lowly conferences. In Basketball its generally high major or mid major. The NCAA basically said...
  23. Drumguy

    OT: Biggest snubs?

    My issue was they kept talking about the "Power 6" which is totally stupid as its a football designation and not including the AAC as if we're a mid-major conference..
  24. Drumguy

    Lou out of the AAC tournament

    Love that enthusiasm but technically she is still a freshman.
  25. Drumguy

    Tre Mitchell info

    Well that sucks.
  26. Drumguy

    Lou Sighting

    I like the fact that CW is rocking the rumble roller, back left. Phee's roller is ok but that rumble roller digs into your muscles. Crazy hurts the I bands.
  27. Drumguy

    Tahoe ?....calling CAHusky!

    We had mostly 8-10' snow walls on the side of the roads but I know they've continued to be dumped on this past week, so 20' -wow! It's not like any other place I've ever been - they were trucking snow out of Tahoe City and the northern resorts up to Truckee every night we were there! Have an...
  28. Drumguy

    Tahoe ?....calling CAHusky!

    I was at Alpine for a long weekend last weekend and hit the break between the storms. Since it was the end of CA's ski week Squaw was crowded so we peeled off to Alpine Meadows. There was as much snow as I've ever seen. We came over the Mt. Rose pass and it was pretty hairy. Maybe the most...
  29. Drumguy

    Poll: How Many Losses Would UConn have if they Played in P5 Conference

    Just a nit - the concept of P5 as "better" for basketball is misleading. P5 is a football designation. In reality there aren't many very good women's teams in any conference We just need one team to really pick it up in the AAC - like the Big East with UConn and ND! Being in a "P5"...
  30. Drumguy

    The Official Soup, Bread, and Cheese Thread

    The bread I get from my ATM!
  31. Drumguy

    How long before you switch to new cell phone? And why?

    The main advantage of the Pixels over Samsung is not the quality of the build, they are both great manufactured phones, its just that Samsung controls your updates, vs. the pure experience of Android (or "stock" android as Int mentions above). You don't need a Samsung to cast to a modern TV -...
  32. Drumguy

    How long before you switch to new cell phone? And why?

    Thanks, I think the biggest issue people have with iPhones is memory. One of the reasons Google Photos works so well on iPhones is it allows you to "Free up Space" by deleting the photos once they're stored (for free) in the cloud. That will make almost every iPhone work better. I don't buy...
  33. Drumguy

    How long before you switch to new cell phone? And why?

    I'm pretty sure he means vs. an Android phone. Lots of choices in manufacturers and there are great builds - Apple no longer has a monopoly on beautiful phones. In Android there's almost always a new phone so the hardware is evolving much faster than Apple's once a year release. Android is...
  34. Drumguy

    How long before you switch to new cell phone? And why?

    I have a Pixel 2 XL. I bought my wife one as well. If you don't buy them when they first come out there's usually some serious discounts or refurb'd ones for $500 to $700. I'll probably upgrade to the Pixel 4 xl when it arrives. Some of the new features like night shot are only available on...
  35. Drumguy

    A Chance Encounter

    Is no one else shocked that Vauconnfan doesn't have a smart phone? I am, that's my takeaway from the post!