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  1. Plebe

    Sue Bird knee injury (possibly out for the season)

    Now it's definitely time for the Storm to tank for a draft pick.
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    Gusters to Baylor

    How long before that one dude shows back up here with one of his epic panic attacks?
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    Gusters to Baylor

    So Gusters will be a freshman at Baylor when both Smith and Egbo are juniors. Interesting.
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    Texas WBB announces 2019-20 nonconference schedule

    Ohio was a bubble team last year, just a few spots behind Tennessee. If Tennessee is a highlight opponent, so is Ohio.
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    Texas WBB announces 2019-20 nonconference schedule

    You know your program isn't doing so great when you lose two years in a row to a team whose coach then gets fired for poor results. That's precisely the situation Texas is in. Aston needs to figure something out, and fast. She needs Lashann Higgs to come back strong from ACL surgery, Joyner...
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    OT: We Need a Big or a Little

    Does Biggie Smalls count as a "big"?
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    OT: We Need a Big or a Little

    Okay we can get big:
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    OT: We Need a Big or a Little

    And of course I'd be remiss not to post the original, from the great Nina Simone:
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    OT: We Need a Big or a Little

    One of a kind, Janis was:
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    Texas WBB announces 2019-20 nonconference schedule

    Just found this from last Wednesday. (Isn't mid-May a bit earlier than usual for a team to release its schedule?) Highlights: Nov. 8 (season opener): Texas at South Florida Nov. 17: Arizona...
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    OT: NCAA Softball

    That earns a happy Badger dance:
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    Paige makes U19 World Cup Team

    Here's the roster: Fracesca Belibi (HS Sr., Stanford commit) Aliyah Boston (HS Sr., SoCar commit) Cameron Brink (HS Jr., Stanford commit) Paige Bueckers (HS Jr., UConn commit) Caitlin Clark (HS Jr., uncommitted) Queen Egbo (Fr., Baylor) Naz Hillmon (Fr., Michigan) Rhyne Howard (Fr. Kentucky)...
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    New transfer thread

    Cierra Walker, who last year averaged 10.8 ppg at Vanderbilt and ranked 6th in the SEC at 39.2% 3FG, transfers to Gonzaga:
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    Impact transfers (spring 2019)

    Cierra Walker, who last year averaged 10.8 ppg at Vanderbilt and ranked 6th in the SEC at 39.2% 3FG, transfers to Gonzaga:
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    UConn and South Carolina extend series

    Cal lost Anigwe, Thomas and Caldwell to graduation, and Kianna Smith to transfer. I see them taking a tumble next year and missing the NCAA tournament. If UConn struggles to beat them, we are in trouble.
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    I think the mere fact that Crystal went to UConn and Hayes went to the Talent Graveyard formerly known as Tennessee constitutes a solid measure of retribution.
  17. Plebe

    Their worst Nitemare.

    Thanks for sharing. Loved this part: “It’s just really fun getting to meet her and being able to build a relationship with future teammates before I actually get there,” Bueckers said Friday by phone. “We’re already pretty close. I just can’t wait for us to get to UConn, then we can play with...
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    Intriguing tweet by Insell. I'm guessing the SEC team must be either Vandy or Kentucky since those were the only two SEC teams MTSU played last year. I have no idea about the Big 10 school.
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    OT: We Need a Big or a Little

    One of my all-time favorites:
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    Female coach in men's CBB Edniesha Curry did not set out to be a trailblazer. But make no mistake about it: That’s exactly what the former Oregon and WNBA star is. Curry is an assistant coach on the...
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    New transfer thread

    Houston picks up a transfer from UCF:
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    UConn alums pursue dreams outside basketball

    Just a couple weeks ago, I met with an IT specialist at my work who told me about how he'll be "resourcing" my request and then his colleague will do the "solutioning." Head bang
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    UConn alums pursue dreams outside basketball

    Tickling my grammar nerd bone here: But it is the plural of the slang-ish "alum." Also: 'Alum' Versus 'Alumni'
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    Impact transfers (spring 2019)

    I initially didn't include her but then added at someone's suggestion; she was (somewhat) highly ranked coming out of HS. I this as a criterion for the "impact" designation to account for players with (presumed) potential who simply hadn't yet found significant playing time. As this article...
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    Hannah Gusters???

    At least I learned valuable intel about ice cream.
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    WNBA commissioner

    Wow, she's certainly a bigwig in the corporate world. Even more so than Borders. The league is facing imminent renegotiation of the CBA with the players' union. I'm wondering whether this choice was influenced by that prospect.
  27. Plebe

    Sun v Wings 5/14/19

    She definitely has the physicality and triple threat offense that can translate to the pros. She’ll need to discover an interest in defense, but i agree that given the needs of her team she will play a ton of minutes and take a lot of shots. If she makes enough of them she’ll be in the running...
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    Reunited: Megan and Evina

    Came across this fun behind-the-scenes video from the 2017 McDAA game. In addition to M&E, plenty of other recognizable faces:
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    OT: Track: high school 100 meters record....not quite

    My nephew in Houston is in the same grade as him and actually competed against him in middle school. I'm told that he just recently went from good to otherworldly, a bit of a late bloomer physically. But he's extremely disciplined and hardworking. At this rate we should expect to see him at the...
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    Sidney Cooks to Miss St

    Or Morehead State.
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    Impact transfers (spring 2019)

    Huge get for Mark Trakh. USC's roster was decimated by graduation (Mazyck, the elder Moore) and no fewer than 6 out-transfers. Kayla Overbeck and Shalexxus Aaron were their only significant returners. Watts will almost certainly be their best player by far. That whittles my list of impact...
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    OT:  Best TV Mom

    Glaring omission: Peggy Hill
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    U16 Trials

    I think it's a bit of a myth that it's hard to get Texas HS recruits to leave Texas. Of the top 15 2019 recruits from Texas as ranked by PN, only 4 are staying in state. It may be that UConn has seemed to have a hard time recruiting Texas kids, but I doubt that it's because they are less willing...
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    New transfer thread

    She's had quite the interesting journey, but her stats don't exactly jump off the page (about 11 ppg, 6 rpg), and she didn't even make Honorable Mention NJCAA All-American: