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  1. Edward Sargent

    Georgia Shafted

    Can you say incomplete pass!!
  2. Edward Sargent

    2022 Giants Thread

    I thought I would get 2022 off to a great start with the question how does an NFL quarterback end up with a 5 QBR?
  3. Edward Sargent

    So what do we know about VCU?

    We got a game tomorrow. One of the best games I ever saw was a NIT consolation game we won for third place many years ago. Relaxed enjoyment. VCU is better than our cupcakes but yet no one is scouting for the BY
  4. Edward Sargent

    Best Pizza in Florida

    Last night we went to a soft opening at the new Colony Grill in St. Pete. Finally we will be able to get good pizza and I will go out on a limb that Colony is the best pizza in Florida. Three onions, one sausage and mushroom, one sausage and onion and one salad pizza. None of them...
  5. Edward Sargent

    Daniel Jones

    So if you think a week is enough to come back from a concussion just look at Jones performance today. He had I business being out there
  6. Edward Sargent

    Mama Steph

    Can't get enough of Mama Steph! UConn's own. Love 3X3 bball too, reminds me of my driveway games back in the day. No blood no foul!
  7. Edward Sargent

    Gillespie Knee - Doesn’t look good

    Doesn’t look good
  8. Edward Sargent

    Dre V Bouk

    I haven't seen this said but James' dunk versus Providence is eerily similar to Andre's at SH!
  9. Edward Sargent

    Xavier Shorthanded?

    So Courant says Xavier will be shorthanded due to players still in Covid protocol. Any idea who is not playing?
  10. Edward Sargent


    Is Jalen Gaffney = Colin Gillespie in his senior year? Talk amongst yourselves.
  11. Edward Sargent


    Time to move on. Is Xavier postponed? UConn still lists it ESPN says postponed.
  12. Edward Sargent


    USC just postponed their game with Stanford due to Covid. Wonder who is chicken and who is egg here?
  13. Edward Sargent

    NCAA Extra Year of Eligibility

    Just heard a news report in Tampa that the NCAA is considering giving an extra year of eligibility to athletes. Anyone else hearing this?
  14. Edward Sargent

    UCONN Cheer for Fanless Games

    Courtesy of the Nathan Hale Inn
  15. Edward Sargent


    So this is the game that I have been waiting for. Last time in Houston: No Tyler Al started and had maybe his worst game of his career 6 TOs and 1-7 FT Akok and JC were non-factors Sid put in 13 mins with 5 points and 5PF Sid, Bouk and CV fouled out Pork Chop started his string of double...
  16. Edward Sargent


    I know this has been discussed ad nauseum but I had to post that we are 10 months away from Wednesday/Thursday 9 pm games in Houston and Sunday Noon games against Tulsa. It’s no wonder the AAC can’t get a decent TV contract?
  17. Edward Sargent


    Time to move on to Houston. Boy it doesn’t get any easier.
  18. Edward Sargent

    OT Pearlfeet

    Tom et al I took some interest in the Pearlfeet advertisement on the BY. My wife has been looking for a light pair of snow boots for when we travel north. When we started looking into their merchandise we found some reviews which stated they are a scam. Can you confirm? Thanks
  19. Edward Sargent

    OT Pats

    Stripes the worst I have ever seen
  20. Edward Sargent

    “Ugly Win”

    Can someone please tell me what was so ugly about that game? It went back and forth with defense on both sides, players played, coaches coached and we squeaked out a W against a ranked team.
  21. Edward Sargent


    Ok I am a Celtics fan again because of Kemba but I am also hoping that Tacko makes the team. The article today in the Courant leads me to believe he might!
  22. Edward Sargent


    Please tell me why I looked forward to the start of this season?
  23. Edward Sargent

    Tickets Women's Semis

    I have two tickets to both the womens' semis tomorrow night at Amalie. Send me your email and they are free.
  24. Edward Sargent

    Final Four semis tickets

    I have 2 tickets for the semis at Amalie I cannot use. Send me your email address and they are yours
  25. Edward Sargent


    Holy Rat Face. He looks like krap? He doesn't have more than 3 years left in him
  26. Edward Sargent

    K at the Half

    Holy Rat Face, K looks like krap! No really I'd be worried if my money was backing Duke long term - I give him 3 years.
  27. Edward Sargent

    Announcers talked about us needing 25 from the 5

    Announcers talked about us needing 25 from the 5. I never got the context for that premise and thought it must have been an introductory though we missed while watching SU get there a$$es handed to them at home by Gtech. We got close though 23 from 5 in OT. Is this a general rule from the...
  28. Edward Sargent

    SouthConn Exhibition

    Finally a non secret scrimmage. Can I get some advice as to how to watch? Is Husky Vision still around? Thanks in advance
  29. Edward Sargent

    Secret Scrimmage v Harvard

    Is there going to be any live coverage/stream of this scrimmage? Radio coverage? Thanks in advance.
  30. Edward Sargent

    OT Self

    Gassnola texts have Billy boy dead to rights. Lets see if it has consequences
  31. Edward Sargent


    Oh my brothers and sisters I feel bad for you, the suffering continues.
  32. Edward Sargent

    Coach Hurley

    On our annual snow bird migration and ran into Coach Hurley at Tampa airport. I had a brief conversation mentioning that I liked the direction he was taking the team. He talked about bringng back toughness! Nice guy, but I already knew that from my days living in Jersey
  33. Edward Sargent


    I am not ready to stop watching bbal and tried to get home from Valspar to see URI. Missed Tiger sighting but I am going back Sunday. Rory and Jordan did not make the cut. But I digress. I am sitting in my stressless chair watching Spiders play Bonnie's and at least it is basketball in front...
  34. Edward Sargent

    OT Shaquem Griffin

    Just watched him bench 225 20 times with a prosthetic hand. Saw him a few times this past year including their BCS bowl championship game and really like his motor and heart. Rooting for him
  35. Edward Sargent

    OT Adrien Dantley

    Just saw a nice piece on NBC Nightly News about AD working as a crossing guard by day and BB ref for kids by night. Feel good story
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