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  1. UConn82

    Staying positive--I love the "Jumping Up and Down"

    All, Winning the NC has many lovely, moving moments--the MOP award, the cutting down the nets with Geno last of course, the hats and t shirts, the parades. My favorite moment is what I call the "Jumping Up and Down." It happens when the game is completely decided, but not quite over. E.g., we...
  2. UConn82

    Question about our seniors

    Hi, A good number of BYers know much more than I about basketball. Therefore, I ask for input, so that I can learn. Ono, CW, and E are all seniors. They were all very highly rated coming out of high school--CW was #1, E was #2, and Ono around #4. Given that, one would expect each to play...
  3. UConn82

    OT: Staying positive: Finest-ever telescope mission launched

    Hi, The 10 billion dollar "Webb" telescope is headed for its home at a Lagrange point--a place were the gravity of the different bodies (Sun, Earth, moon, etc.) cancels, so it can just sit there. Today, the primary mirror was deployed--actually unfolded. So far, so excellent. Everything has...
  4. UConn82

    Staying Positive--Best Stewie Stories

    Hi, Recently, I have read a lot of negative things on BY--and elsewhere too. I refuse to let COVID--which has affected my loved ones and others I know--get me down. Let's have fun. I like fun. What are your favorite Stewie stories? 1. Stewie is maybe 17. She is playing on the U-19 team. She...
  5. UConn82

    Villanova game cancelled

  6. UConn82

    Everything Geno says in public has multiple meanings

    Happy New Year. I thought this point was obvious, but from some recent posts, I gather it is not. For example, Geno said recently he had no idea how to fix the team. This comment seemed to upset many. "Oh, Geno is so negative." Etc. Hmm. I thought the message was clear. "You, the players, need...
  7. UConn82

    OT: Merry Christmas to the Boneyarders

    All, As I tell my students (I am a teacher), Santa is non-denominational. In my family, on Dec. 25, we celebrate Isaac Newton's birthday! I couldn't agree with D more, when she said about the UConn program, "Is it really about basketball?" I love most of all the complete commitment to...
  8. UConn82

    I am feeling very positive

    Given the team is decimated with injuries, we showed grit. We ran out of gas in the fourth quarter. The reason is we have no bench right now. The team will be different when Azzi and Nika return, which I think will be soon. Things could be much, much worse.
  9. UConn82

    Is there a team Tennessee could play that would make you root for Tennessee?

    Just remember what D said, "When I see orange, I want to punch."
  10. UConn82

    OT: Hats off to Steph Curry

    As we all know, he broke the all-time 3-pt. shots last night. I don't watch the NBA at all. I find it so very boring. But, I have lots and lots of respect for Curry. Besides being the best shooter in the history of men's basketball, he is an excellent teammate. And he is a fine person, very...
  11. UConn82

    Keeping our eye on the prize(s)

    Of course, as we all know, the main prize is for our student-athletes to grow into adulthood before our eyes. And the staff does everything it can to reduce/prevent those dreaded major injuries--the big anti-prize. With the above in mind, then comes the prize of winning the tournament. I think...
  12. UConn82

    Looking ahead a bit

    We have but one game in more than two weeks, a week from Sunday against Louisville. Probably by then, at least some of our walking wounded will return. As I posted earlier in the week, the sun will come up tomorrow. And the sun is shining on our team. They showed some real grit today, unlike...
  13. UConn82

    I am loving Geno

    I think of all the joy he has given my since I became a fan, when Maya was a junior. I cannot even imagine the joy you fans since the early days have gotten. Geno deserves immense respect from UConn Nation. Period. No qualifiers. And, to follow up my pre-dawn post, the sun did come up. OK...
  14. UConn82

    The sun will come up

    My wife says I am not a morning person, but a pre-dawn person. Paige did not tear her ACL. Bones heal perfectly. Often soft tissue does not. We know too many players who have torn an ACL (or twice or three times) and must stop playing basketball. Maybe we lose to UCLA. So what. The sun will...
  15. UConn82

    OT: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Enjoy this lovely holiday.
  16. UConn82

    Thank you, SC

    I believe this loss to SC was an early Christmas present. Knowing the truth is always good. The coaching staff and the players will regroup. Late March is a long way away.
  17. UConn82

    Azzi doesn't even move the net!

    I thought she was shooting air balls, until USF took the ball out of bounds. I have never seen this before. Thoughts from the much more experienced BYer's?
  18. UConn82

    Shea Watch

    Shea is 2-2. OK, ok, she is playing Arizona in a few days. Like everyone on the BY, I am so much rooting for Shea to be a huge, huge success. Let's see her turn Vanderbilt into a powerhouse. My uneducated guess is that Shea will be able to recruit well. We shall see. For sure, let's keep...
  19. UConn82

    OT Best Female Athlete You Ever Saw?

    Hmm. I have to go with Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Not only is she the finest heptathlete of all time, with the WR and the six top scores-- the WR set in 1988, she won three medals in the long jump. No one can excel in a multi-event and also in a single event. That is not possible. It is, if you are...
  20. UConn82

    Any word on the injury to Raven Johnson?

    She is South Carolina's highly ranked freshman guard, who injured her knee on Friday.
  21. UConn82

    Paige and Wayne Gretzky

    I have posted on this comparison before on BY. Paige doesn't look physically special, as D, Maya, and Stewie each did, in different ways of course. But, she is so very, very talented. The athlete she reminds me of is WayneG. He was not that fast a skater, and bench pressed the least of anyone...
  22. UConn82

    It's the Paige show!!

    We have Paige and you don't. (This is akin to "We have Diana and you don't." Or, "We have Maya and you don't." Or, "We have Stewie and you don't.") Her box score is ridiculous. She missed four shots and a FT! I am a writer, I have no idea how to describe this. Thus, I quote Geno.
  23. UConn82

    Best "pure" shooters?

    Hi, With all the talk (hype?) about how pure a shooter Azzi is, I wonder who the best pure shooter UConn has ever had? I started watching only when Maya was a junior; therefore, I have limited knowledge compared to many BY'ers. But to my untrained eye, I say it was KML, with the silver medal...
  24. UConn82

    Recruiting targets -- 2023?

    Hi, Are we recruiting Mikaylah Williams or Judea Watkins, the two top recruits for 2023? They are both guards Thank you.
  25. UConn82

    Roster Size?

    I saw on ESPN that Stanford has 17 players on its roster, and South Carolina has 16. Hmm. I thought the limit was 15. Am I wrong? In the post-COVID era, has the limit changed? Is ESPN wrong? Is 15 the scholarship limit? Thank you.
  26. UConn82

    How is Saylor doing?

    Hi, Following up on my post about Mir. I haven't heard much at all about Saylor. Anyone in the proverbial "know" on this her?
  27. UConn82

    Mir McLean?

    Hi, Any word on how she is doing? She was a fairly highly-ranked recruit from last year. Does she have a chance to get into the rotation this year? Thoughts?
  28. UConn82

    Question about UConn practices

    All, 1. Before the season starts, how many days a week do our ladies practice, once official practices start, as they have? Is it five? This is besides strength training, etc. I mean, practice where they scrimmage, Geno has a whistle, insults the players :rolleyes: (like the time he asked the...
  29. UConn82

    What we need to do to win the tournament

    Hi, How is that for a provocative title? Let's assume we have a tournament. Methinks we need to do one thing. If we do that, we win the tournament = joy for all in Huskieland. That one thing does require many sub-things. But, if we do, s as they say in mathematics, it is a sufficient...
  30. UConn82

    What makes Stewie such an incandescent player?

    We all know Stewie is an incandescent player. That is obvious. But, I ask, why? What factors cause her to be so great? I think there are three factors. 1. Immense natural talent. We all know about Stewie's height, her length, her incredible athleticism. That is natural talent. This is like a...
  31. UConn82

    Geno must be very proud

    I bet Geno watched the Storm make the Aces look like Deuces. :) He must have felt a great pride and satisfaction, watching two of his very greatest players win yet again. Geno deserves it.
  32. UConn82

    When did Morgan Tuck become simply "Tuck"?

    I mean, this is important. When she came to UConn as a freshman, she was "Morgan Tuck," naturally. At some point, she was referred to simply as "Tuck," as in "Stewie, Mo, and Tuck." When did she actually become simply "Tuck," sort of like "Madonna"? As I said, this is important.
  33. UConn82

    Maya's future in basketball?

    This is, I believe, Maya's second year in a row not playing in the WNBA. She is 31. Will she play again? Thoughts?
  34. UConn82

    Evina's knee?

    All, Does anyone know the specifics of what is wrong with Evina's knee, and the specifics of the two surgeries? She had surgery some time ago. Then, in January, she had a second surgery. Now we hear that she is "day to day" and "not 100%."
  35. UConn82

    Leon Fleisher RIP

    The magnificent pianist Leon Fleisher died the other day. He was 92. Tragically, he lost the use of his right hand for decades. Nonetheless, he played music (there is such) for only the left hand. He also conducted. Eventually, he regained the use of his right hand, and played "standard" piano...
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