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  1. 01Neaggrad02

    Serious DeBerry Question

    Hello all, I have a serious question and am looking for anyone who has an answer, not a theory, opinion or thought. I am hoping that someone might have some insight and have some sort of supporting details/facts to back up their answer. My question is, does anyone know why DeBerry is so...
  2. 01Neaggrad02

    Game Recommendation....

    Hope everyone is safe and sound from the Tropical Storm/Hurricane Henri. While there is little to do but wait out the storm I was looking for some game recommendations to try to find on Youtube to watch to pass the time. Can anyone recommend a really good UCONN game, mens or womens, that...
  3. 01Neaggrad02

    Campus visit

    Hello all, Heading onto campus with some friends and was wondering if anyone knew if the Basketball center and/or Gampel would be open to have people go in and walk around...
  4. 01Neaggrad02

    What is up with Cuse?

    Dear God, I jut read that an 11th player from the 2020-21 team has entered the transfer portal out of Syracuse. They will be left with 4 returning players and have an incoming class of 5 and have two transfers. Do the transfers have to sit out? Kiara Fisher becomes 11th SU women’s basketball...
  5. 01Neaggrad02

    Odd Request/Question

    You know how someone has done an amazing job on the Roster for next year and shows the recruits we have line up and it shows like three or four years out... does anyone have a list already compiled of UCONN players in the WNBA and what team they play for? All in one location like that...
  6. 01Neaggrad02

    Who do they remind you of?

    Okay, I am beyond super bored right now... this Covid19 stuff has been going on for a month now and sadly I think we have a long time to go... So taking a break from working at home... I was wondering if we could talk about the new students we have coming in... and those committed to UCONN...
  7. 01Neaggrad02

    Jersey Numbers??

    Anyone have any ideas what the six new players next year will take for their jersey number? Who gets 3 now that it is open.....
  8. 01Neaggrad02

    What is?

    Can someone please tell me what the hell a recruited walk-on is. Either you are recruited or you a walk-on. Hope these are not the announcers we can forward to next year....
  9. 01Neaggrad02

    An Amazing Season

    While it did not end the way I would have wanted...... what can you say about a team that made it to the Final 4? We are spoiled here in Connecticut where a season that ends without the title is a bad year. But this team was amazing and we all should be proud of how hard they played this...
  10. 01Neaggrad02

    Is there a difference between....

    Blaming/Complaining about the Ref and Pointing out when the Refs were horrific with their calls. I.E. the Collier rebound on the line?
  11. 01Neaggrad02

    1000 point watch, #3, and more

    Crystal is 16 points away from scoring her 1000th point. Collier is currently 24 points behind Tina Charles for 3rd place on the scoring list. She is at 2322, and Tina is at 2346. Lou has 2270 points. She has missed 4.5 games this year.... and has missed I believe a total of 9 games in the...
  12. 01Neaggrad02

    Someone please help

    Hello, I was talking to my father who said he caught part of a morning show with Geno, Geno had breakfast somewhere this week, and during the breakfast he said that he was feeling good about next year and the recruits he has coming in. Now... I only know of one.... but my father also said he...
  13. 01Neaggrad02

    Katie Lou

    I hope KatieLou's first basket against UCF is a 3 pointer. She currently has 2176 points. She is 1 behind Bascom and 2 behind KML/Sales.... so a 3 would move her ahead of those three UCONN legends and cement her place amongst the Greatest of all time!
  14. 01Neaggrad02

    Box Score.... funny...

    So the Box Score for today's game on the UCONN website has 3 second halfs... instead of going by quarters they labeled it half with three second half's... lol.. How fun. Women's Basketball vs Ohio State on 11/11/2018 - UConn Huskies | University of Connecticut Athletics
  15. 01Neaggrad02

    Schedule Disappointment....

    I was just looking over the schedule and then I looked at the Men's schedule and the Men are playing like 6 more games in Connecticut than the Women are. There are only like 12 games in Connecticut for the women.... what gives? I was trying to plan birthday gifts with tickets to the games and...
  16. 01Neaggrad02

    Recruitment Page???

    Anyone know what happened to the Recruitment page that used to be on the top of this page? Anyone have any idea who we are looking at..... Besides the four mentioned at todays game.....
  17. 01Neaggrad02

    A'ja Wilson

    Was at Mohegan Sun today and was walking to leave the hotel and head to the garage when I walked past A'ja Wilson. She must have a game there tomorrow. She looked at me and saw me in my UCONN shirt and shook her head and walked on. My friend was like, "What was that all about?" and I said...
  18. 01Neaggrad02

    End of Year Stats....

    The year did not end the way many of us wanted... but some things to look at. Kia Nurse ended her career with 1674 points putting her #18 on the all time scoring list at the moment. She ended up 4 points behind Shea Ralph. She also had 442 total assist, and finishes #7 at UCONN with 262...
  19. 01Neaggrad02

    Go Mississippi State!

    I want Mississippi State to kick the crap out of Notre Dame. While some may think my post in being a poor sport.... I do not care. 18 fouls to 11... 23 foul shots for Notre Dame to 6 for UCONN. Seriously..... I hope Teira owns the floor.
  20. 01Neaggrad02

    Bracket Group?

    Is there a bracket group on ESPN for all us Boneyard people?
  21. 01Neaggrad02

    Holy black eye, batman!

    what happened to Katie Lou's eye? Obviously no foul as the refs did not call anything..... But holy crap
  22. 01Neaggrad02


    Anyone know when single game tickets to the men and women go on sale?
  23. 01Neaggrad02

    Recruiting page?

    I was just wondering if there is any place to look and see who UCONN is actively recruiting, who is in the mix, etc. I know we can see various threads here and there... and if a person were to look at every individual on ESPN.... but there used to be a page somewhere around here were we could...
  24. 01Neaggrad02

    I issue a challenge to Muffet and Dawn

    Dearest Muffet and Dawn. Every year your two programs have been tops in the nation. You like to go out there and beat up on the little guy and puff out your chest and enter the tournament as a #1 seed. Yet you refuse to play one another. Why is that? UCONN played both of you along with...
  25. 01Neaggrad02

    What???? Oregon vs. Maryland

    Sorry at the end of the first half I have to express some outrage by what the announcer said. He commented about how Maryland was down to Oregon, and then went on to say how most people have "Maryland as a lock for the final four". Who are these people? Who has Maryland as a lock over UCONN...
  26. 01Neaggrad02

    How about that Men's game Last Night?

    Listened to part of it on 1080 and the radio announcer (Bob Joyce I believe) even was commenting on those refs.... What did everyone think???? (I am going to duck and cover now....)
  27. 01Neaggrad02

    Recruits at the game???

    Anyone know if there were any recruits or signed players at the game?
  28. 01Neaggrad02

    Up next Tulane!!!

    I would not want to be Tulane with KLS having one of her worst scoring games EVER. Only 6 points. When was the last time she failed to score in double digits??? Expect a BIG Game from Lou!
  29. 01Neaggrad02

    National Championship Games?

    Hello... I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to purchase the National Championship games on DVD? I believe I have all the games up to 2009.... I have 2014-16 on DVR, but no way to get them on to a dvd..... Does anyone know where they can be purchased? I have not seen them offered on the...
  30. 01Neaggrad02

    Gabby or Lou???

    First off I can not say how much I enjoy watching both of these young ladies play. They are entertaining and impressive what they can do on the court. But.... here is my question. Who will be the first of the two to reach 1000 points? Gabby has 843 points total and is averaging 11.9 ppg...
  31. 01Neaggrad02

    Notre Dame's Electronic Scorers Table...

    I am not sure how many of you were actually watching the changing scorers table that ran the midcourt... but I could not help to notice it. I had the game DVR-ed and rewatched it and wrote down some of the things Notre Dame posted....(bragged about).... and was thinking... what would it say if...
  32. 01Neaggrad02

    Taking a knee....

    With the season almost upon us... and tickets sales about to be "Huge".... I was curious about the latest fad out there where athletes are taking a knee during the National Anthem. Does anyone know if UCONN has a policy on this? Maybe it is just me but I would like to know before I attend a...
  33. 01Neaggrad02

    Boneyard via Chrome????

    I was just curious if anyone is having issues with the Boneyard using Google Chrome? I have been having issues with the page continually loading so it is unresponsive.... also the page will start scrolling on it own and will just keep moving down the page... then it sits and the wheel spins and...
  34. 01Neaggrad02

    Preseason #4????

    Notre Dame Preseason #1, Louisville #2? UCONN 4th???? Louisville women's basketball ranked No. 2 in ESPN's early top 25
  35. 01Neaggrad02

    Strange question about Stewart...

    After 4 years at UCONN I know this is an odd time to bring this up... But is Stewie an only child? Her roster bio does not mention any siblings..... But the first couple of years when they would show Stewie's parents there would be a young boy with them.... I thought maybe she had a much...
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