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  1. NEforceUConn

    OT: With this pause thought it time for fav entree pics?

    Can be gourmet, ethnic, holiday, comfort food, or anything. Here is my comfort food entree, Quiche Lorraine with a tasty salad. I am a bachelor, so limited skills unless I use Hello Fresh..
  2. NEforceUConn

    Almost time for a great drunkin rant, but not tonight. Anyoneelse?

    Yah, I've contributed my few. Not tonight, but would like to observe. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!
  3. NEforceUConn

    Maybe Paige needs a pet to help during rehab

    I'll gladly let her borrow my two three month old kitties (Bo and Sox).
  4. NEforceUConn

    Two points please

    1) If our success goes through RJ it’s going to be an anxious season. 2) Where is fishy? Some of these BY posters need to be throat punched (including maybe me). Ps. Great stretch for the team and coaching staff. Look forward to this year and development.
  5. NEforceUConn

    OT: Lord it’s fun being a Bosox fan

    I realize the Astros pitching staff is missing some notable firepower, but man Boston’s bats are hot. Still a long way to go but it’s awesome. Just wish Barnes was out of his funk.
  6. NEforceUConn

    Really pumped for today's game!

    I know we are a huge dog, but I hope it's somewhat positive at halftime. Had to turn off second half of Fresno game, too depressing. Today I hope for some bright spots. What's better than watching your favorite team vs a B1G opponent while nursing a slight hangover. Go Huskies!!!!
  7. NEforceUConn

    Is it time to change name of Rent to Imodium field

    That’s how disgusted I am
  8. NEforceUConn

    Let’s hope my Paramount + gets this game

    Streaming on roku. Terrible guide to find station on paramount, but I am a college grad so will know by 2:02
  9. NEforceUConn

    OT Doing some light day drinking at my local and

    ESPN scrawl says pre season top 10 CFB ….. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Georgia. College NCAA FB sucks!!!!!
  10. NEforceUConn

    OT: Cracking a cold one and watching replay or last years.....?

    Great time of day to crack a cold one and watch a replay of last years.....?
  11. NEforceUConn

    OT: Guess I’m old

    Just met a nice salesperson at Verizon. Was wearing one of my UConn masks and he goes, my favorite player ever is a Husky, but from way back. I go Cliff Robertson - No; Scott Burrell - No; Wes Balasunia - No He goes Ray Allen. Wow I don’t consider Ray Ray that far past, but maybe I’m losing...
  12. NEforceUConn

    Post game UConn/Zona presser?

    Sorry if it’s embedded in a thread, haven’t seen it.
  13. NEforceUConn

    TV ratings (merged thread)

    Just saw this. Numbers look good to me. Go Huskies!!
  14. NEforceUConn

    9pm games not that great when one starts drinking at 3pm

    Needed a little hair of the dog at 3pm. Thank god its almost 9pm But I'm pumped! Say my name Fruit U
  15. NEforceUConn

    If we are to have a run we need more posts by Fishy

    Seriously, where is the water breather? Straighten out these BYers giving JB a hard time. Throat punch those questioning Coach Hurley. And please update us on your home improvements.
  16. NEforceUConn

    Big shout out to Fox and SNY

    I’m so pleased that living in NC I get practically all UConn bb games on Fox (signed in with my FL Xfinity account). The national brand keeps getting stronger. Love the NBE and UConn’s media access.
  17. NEforceUConn

    Best soup based lunch

    As a youth I always loved my Campbell's Tomato soup (made with milk not water) and a grilled cheese sandwich. But now I'm a huge fan of Hearty Italian Style Wedding Soup (Progresso, if I want to sodium splurge or Campbell's chunky if I'm being a bit more health conscious). A ham and swiss...
  18. NEforceUConn

    So nice having FOX pimp us in the pregame

    Compared with ESPN's BS. Go Huskies!!!!!!
  19. NEforceUConn

    Bit early to crown this team, but I'm starting to feel good

    So I've watched every game and (although injuries) we are feeling better. Through injuries, we are playing a top level of UConn wbb. Love this team, just do it. Dont even think about these BYers talking about the incoming class. Ya'll have fun and win it All.
  20. NEforceUConn

    Learn from this game.

    Yo what a GREAT heartbreaking game. Hope this team watches it to emphasize each possesison. The end is yours to control _ Just be Uconn!! Yes I cud have picked many other games where we won, but this one spoke to me - maybe this one shows fans/players how special it is.
  21. NEforceUConn

    OT: BB or What

    drastic times my COVID bender is medium bottle of Tito’s and 12 pack Corona! RX chasers during or after bender. Olay
  22. NEforceUConn

    Thinking about former UConn defensive stars, we had some really good ones.

    My fav is Danny Lansanah, but here's my list of memorable players (primarily line backers): Alfred Fincher Lawrence Wilson Sio Moore Trevardo Williams Yawin Smallwood Darius Butler Blindi Wren-Wilson Man were they fun to watch! I love Danny Lansanah's retort to Edsall when HCRE asked if DL...
  23. NEforceUConn

    OT: Can’t throw a toga party so pet pics

    Here’s my dog’s reaction to the recent shutdown.
  24. NEforceUConn

    New today was important. Watching UConn 77 Duke 74; always a classic

    Totally sweet even with Billy “ACC” announcing!!! Ps Azzi great great choice. Make memories!
  25. NEforceUConn

    OT: The James Bond election challege for drinkers

    As we know it might take 7 days to finalize the new ruler of our realm, so it seems appropriate to have a game to get us through this week of uncertainty. James Bond Challenge - 7 movies and 7 drinks. Dr. No (1962) Vodka martinis From...
  26. NEforceUConn

    OT: Another Corona Drinking Question

    Ok I have retired for year and a half. Live in NC which is a bad corona state. Take it very seriously, socialize with 2 other households who are as concerned as me. Leave house once a week for supermarket. Are 3 bottles of wine and 1or 2 six packs a week too much? I normally drink alone (like...
  27. NEforceUConn

    OT: 5:30 am role call. - who’s with me?

    Normally I’m in bed at either 12 , 2:30, or sometimes later. Won some decent fake money at cards whilst drinking a nice couple bottles of red wine. Not proud of myself, but at least I’m still relatively safe with at home sheltering. Go Huskies
  28. NEforceUConn

    OT: OK fried egg with cheese and bacon better on Eng Muf or hot flour tortilla

    OK so yes im having me at night with wine, but I do have them at breakfast. i'm astonissshed but they taest better on a warm flour tortilla. And I love Thomas English muffins. Who Knew? No better late drunken snack than a fried egg, swiss cheese and bacon on a (formerly English muffin) but...
  29. NEforceUConn

    OT: Great movie songs with dance scenes. Great not just good.

    Thought of this after reading all the Western movie posts. To start off my favorite: Runner up: Pulp Fiction - Dance Scene (HQ) honorable mention to any James Bond opening song.
  30. NEforceUConn

    know its late on East Coass - but here's whot is our future.........

    Look and behold - It' going to come together: Maybe it;s Chief's girl trying to sing?
  31. NEforceUConn

    OT: Washer broke today and Dog needs a Calhoun type halftime speach

    Day was going OK, and then I see where my washer broke. Its not a fancy one and looks like $450-$500 to replace all in (delivery, install and removal). More upsetting I saw 3 baby bunnies (and a black snake) in my backyard. Called my 99 lb lab mix on the carpet and told him to get busy with...
  32. NEforceUConn

    Vintage Bouknight Dunk

    A quick pick me up!
  33. NEforceUConn

    OT: Any great vampire movies to recommend

    I’ve been day drinking (first time in 6 weeks of social distancing) and need vampire movie recommendations. Yes interview with a vampire and van helsing are known to me. I also tend to remember 3 vamps in Paris trying to turn a young woman, but forget the name. So help a BY brother and give...
  34. NEforceUConn

    Maybe a repeat but 1999, 2004, 2011, and 2014

    Now yes I still have to watch the 1999 KEA game against Duke, and the 2004 Meka game against Duke, but I spent some time watching the 2011 run against San Diego, Zona and Kentucky; and the 2014 run against Iowa, Mich St, Florida and Kentucky. Some complete games, some highlights. The 2014 run...
  35. NEforceUConn

    OT: Couple Random Stay At Home thoughts

    I have already adhered for 16 days and now Greensboro just issued a countywide 14 day edict. I do not do take out, think its too risky. Some thoughts: I am really jonesing for a large Jersey Mikes Sub (Mikes way). Thank god Showtime is giving a free month subscription - getting caught up on...
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