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  1. AZHuskiePop

    OT: I lost a Hubcap

    I have a 2000 Toyota Camry 4cy LE with 15” rims. Built in Japan I bought it new and it has about 105,000 miles on It drives great and should be on the road after I’m gone ( My wife gets a new car every few years .but I love this car but newer Toyota’s don’t impress me. i lost a my from right...
  2. AZHuskiePop

    OT: Garmin

    Garmin’s Connect website has been down for 3 days due to a ransom ware attack. According to Forbes they wants $10,000,000 . Is nothing safe
  3. AZHuskiePop

    Diarra on First Night plus other observations

    I’m not a First Night fan what BB purest could be? But since I watch a lot of UConn replays on YouTube, FIrst Night 2018 came up for suggestioned viewing. Did anyone else note Diarra’s introduction and dance routine at the beginning. He didn’t look like a guy who will miss the first half of...
  4. AZHuskiePop

    Next Years Arizona Game

    What the best way to get 4 Tickets for this game.? AZ Huskie said he would Drive to Tucsin if AZHuskiePop bought tickets
  5. AZHuskiePop

    Why would ESPN deliberately try to destroy UConn athletics?

    This has been alluded too in a numeber of threads but I think a candid discussion on the motives of ESPN blocking us from P5 status is a worthy subject. Do the talking heads go out of their way to denigrate UConn at every turn? In fact if true it's really a big story if not nationally than...
  6. AZHuskiePop

    OT IOS 9.02

    I've updated my I pad to the latest version. It works fine except it will not keep me logged in to a Safari Session, Including the BY , even if I checked stay logged in. What is going on?
  7. AZHuskiePop

    OT 1955 Connecticut Flood

    Aug 19 is the 60th anniversary of the great flood of 1955 If you get a chance watch some of the old films that have been uploaded to YouTube. To get an appreciation for the event. I will never forget that day. We evacuated my Aunt and Uncle from Ansonia and as they were taking what they could...
  8. AZHuskiePop

    OT E-mail on I pad I phone

    my e-mail Centurtlink acct was Hacked I changed passwords and now I can't access mail on either Apple device I updated the password to no avail Need techie help Ps today is my 50th wedding anniversary That's over 18,000 one day contracts Wow
  9. AZHuskiePop

    OT restaurants in Providence R.I.

    I will be in Providence In late May. I need to make reservations for dinner for 6 or 8 on a Fiday Night We are staying in walking distance of the Mall down town. I need some suggestions
  10. AZHuskiePop

    OT gasoline for less than a buck a gal

    i filled up my old Camry this morning at Sams at 1.94 a gal. I thought that was amazing But this Afternoon I filled up m wife's car at Fry' s grocery (western name for Krogers) We get double Pts for gift card purchases and I accumulated a dollar in reward points So I filled up the tank at...
  11. AZHuskiePop

    OT reports of an AZ water shortage are premature

    Holy downpour , Some areas of the Valley of the Sun got close to six inches of rain. With the lack of porosity of the soil ,flash flooding and road closings are bound to occur.. Schools have been cancelled in some areas for the first time in history. The I-10 is a lake in lower areas.. As a...
  12. AZHuskiePop

    Final Four T-Shirts

    Just ran into 4 women from Wisconsin at our Community Center ,with Final 4 T shirts I wished them well and hoped to meet them. These T-shirt companies don't waste time.
  13. AZHuskiePop

    Farewell to very special group

    It seems like yesterday that this senior group were freshman. Elevated beyond their years by that maestro KW, they took us on that wonderful ride to an improbable NC. SN,NG,and TO will suit up for their last home game. This group starting on such a high endured lows not experienced by a Huskie...
  14. AZHuskiePop

    O T Anthony Ireland

    I'm watching L M U and the announcers just said he is the only active player with over 2000 points,500 rebounds ,and 500 assists for his career. His teams have been bad but those numbers are impressive. Does he get much Ink in Ct?
  15. AZHuskiePop

    OT Kids golf clubs

    My grandson will be six soon and wants to start golfing with me. I play Cleveland irons and Taylor Made woods. I'm temped to get a name brand, but if he doesn't enjoy the experience it would be money wasted. Does anyone have experience with off brands. If they do ,could that make a...
  16. AZHuskiePop

    OT New Ipad Mini with retina display

    I have been using the original kindle for two years. I am thinking of getting the new Mini with retina. The kindle is great for reading but has some limitations for WiFi use. I know there are good, maybe even better,android tablets but almost my entire family are using IPads and I phones. If...
  17. AZHuskiePop

    Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

    I am so sick of the tone of some members of the board. They believe no one but they are graced with the knowledge of where we are. They Pooh-Pooh any positive thread as the musings of the delusional. Guess what those kinds of speculations are FUN. Since this is a word unfamilar to some I will...
  18. AZHuskiePop


    What happens to the 2013 BCS bid if the C7 has the name?
  19. AZHuskiePop

    This loss is not important unless,

    A win whould have been huge. Although whats more more important to our future is how the team reacts to this loss. This is a key moment in the evolution of the team. No finger pointing please. If we shake it off, like we did after a tough lose to Marquette, and play great at Pitt. It will set...
  20. AZHuskiePop

    Yale Bowl

    I left Ct a few years ago so I'm not sure of the condition of the Bowl. But it was always an incredible place to watch a game from minus modern comforts. Its pratically a national landmark. Why not play an annual game there maybe in co-ordination with the Camp foundation or for local charities...
  21. AZHuskiePop

    Football Conference Only

    Form a football only conference nationwide with all the schools that want to be the best they can be in FSB football. Possibly 10- or 12 teams in two divisions. They have to be the best football schools out there each with a goal of being great within in 5 years. The seriously committed only...
  22. AZHuskiePop

    How many Big East Teams won NCAA Basketball Championships B/4 they were in the conferance?

    The answer is two. Only Markette and Cincinnati actually won a tourney before their B/E membership. Both Post ACC raid additions. Did Georgetown, Syracuse, St Johns make the Big East Elite or did the big East and its New York City media market make these teams and UConn elite. These were decent...
  23. AZHuskiePop


    We stayed in the Big East for BB(and all other sports) and became Independent for Football. This seems to be a the worse case. If it is, our situation doesn't seem that bad. There's no shortage of Eastern Independents +a few Western Schools to play every year. If we really want to make a serious...
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