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  1. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Anyone familiar with UConn Trademarks

    Because I'm tired of working for "the man", I was indulging myself with a shirt idea I had. I was trying to figure out what images UConn currently has trademarked. If you go by their webpage (University of Connecticut Brand Standards | Wordmarks and Logos) it looks like just the current husky...
  2. Fairfield_1st

    Men Peter Fatse expected to be named Red Sox hitting Coach

    I just read this morning that UConn's own Peter Fatse is expected to be named Red Sox hitting coach with Tim Hyers departing.
  3. Fairfield_1st

    Women Women's Field Hockey on FS2

    My brother let me know that the Big East women's lacrosse championship between UConn & Denver is on FS2 tomorrow (Saturday) at noon.
  4. Fairfield_1st

    UConn vs Georgetown Feb 16, 1996 on ESPNU @ 6:30 Today (9/2)

    I hate promoting anything ESPN, but it's hard to pass up seeing Allen vs Iverson in college.
  5. Fairfield_1st

    UConn on Science Channel

    I am watching a show called Strange Evidence (S5 E12) where they look at strange video evidence and try to determine what really might be happening. The portion of the show I'm about to watch will be investigating some underwater phenomenon, an underwater Godzilla to be precise. UConn Marine...
  6. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Found UConn goodies in the basement

    I was doing a little basement cleaning and found some goodies. With the Husky Blue & White magazine I think there's a bunch. I just used 1 for the picture. The cards were put out by First Union.
  7. Fairfield_1st

    John Spetz Commits

    Daniel Connolly of The UConn Blog is reporting that John Spetz, a class of 2020 offensive minded defenseman, has committed. From the brief write-up it seems that he is a great get. One of the top defensemen in the class. UConn Men’s Hockey: Top 2020 Defenseman John Spetz Commits
  8. Fairfield_1st

    Dark Side of the Ring - Viceland show for wrestling fans

    My brother let me know about this show. I've watched the first 2 episodes and found it pretty interesting. The program goes beyond the ring and looks at some of the wrestling incidents over the years. Episode 1 was about Macho Man, Miss Elizabeth, Lex luger and all that went on there...
  9. Fairfield_1st

    TV - 4/6 2 pm UConn vs Cincinnati

    I saw on my DVR that UConn vs Cincinnati is on TV on WCCT this Saturday at 2 pm. Game is coming from The Dunk.
  10. Fairfield_1st

    Wes Bialosuknia and his All Stars

    I found this poster at a tag sale in Wethersfield today. Couldn't leave this bit of UConn related history behind. It's from about 4 months before I was born. I don't recall ever hearing about Wes having some kind of traveling team. Anyone have an info on it? Not finding anything on Google.
  11. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Dublin Husky Rescue

    I'm in Ireland for a couple more days. I happened to see an article about the Dublin Husky Rescue this week and today I saw them collecting donations at the corner of Grafton Street and St Stephens Green. If you're interested in helping, they can be found on Facebook. I, of course, had my UConn...
  12. Fairfield_1st

    Matt Barnes article from

    Good article that gives a little insight into why he's been pitching better this year. Is Matt Barnes changing way Red Sox view bullpen heading into trade deadline?
  13. Fairfield_1st

    Ray Allen on Dan Patrick right now (9:36 am)

    Found it by accident. NBCSN.
  14. Fairfield_1st

    OT: Marvin Bagley III, AAU, Nike and Duke getting off Scot free (again)

    The Bagley's declare bankruptcy in 2008 with annual income of $44K. Sell their home likely through foreclosure in 2011. By 2015 they are living in an exclusive gated community in California where homes sell for between $750K and $1.5M. Marvin III goes to an expensive private school that has a...
  15. Fairfield_1st

    MLB Auction for Harvey relief

    Here are some items up for auction that have UConn ties. Many are ending within 12 hours. Charles Nagy - MLB Auction George Springer - MLB Auction Matt Barnes - MLB Auction From the State Rajai Davis - MLB Auction Matt Harvey - (Their search engine sucks so this is not a great link) MLB...
  16. Fairfield_1st

    Tech Sideline discussing UConn (vs MD)

    I was checking out the VT site to read their conference realignment, which happens to be pretty good for info. A topic that started with Jim Delany's comments on realignment has branched off into a discussion of UConn versus Maryland. Enjoy.
  17. Fairfield_1st

    10 UConn games on ESPN CLassic

    I noticed on my DVR that there are a number of UConn basketball games coming up on ESPN CLassic. I assume they are men's games. Tuesday June 6th 5 pm - vs Syracuse 2/17/97 Tuesday June 6th 7 pm - vs St Johns 1/19/98 Tuesday June 6th 9 pm - vs Pitt 12/12/98 Tuesday June 6th 11 pm - vs Miami...
  18. Fairfield_1st

    Women's LAX on PAC12 Network Tues 3/14

    I noticed today when looking at my "Favorites" that the UConn women's LAX team is playing CAL Live on the Pac 12 Network this Tuesday. Start time is listed as 9 pm. Looking at their roster, Cal has a number of players from CT. #4 Jena Fritts (Darien / Darien HS) #5 Susie Ropp (Darien / Darien...
  19. Fairfield_1st

    UConn in the ACC - Virginia Tech forum

    Just a little discussion about the ratings the UConn Women are getting and some thoughts on adding us to their conference.
  20. Fairfield_1st

    UConn vs Vermont 1/20/2017

    I just noticed on my DVR that the game is on NESN Plus tonight at 6 pm. Go Huskies.
  21. Fairfield_1st

    Same old song and dance. If UConn was valuable then...

    Checked the Virginia Tech Conference realignment page this morning. In particular I was reading about what a great add Louisville was. No mention of the hookers/strippers. Of course someone takes the standard shot at UConn that if we had any value then we'd already be in a conference. This...
  22. Fairfield_1st

    Melissa Gonzalez Scores

    I'm watching on a slight delay, but for me Melissa Gonzalez, a 2010 UConn grad, scored a goal for Team USA against India. There was also a UConn mention from the commentators. These women on the US team are in phenomenal shape. They're cut, fast and just keep pressing.
  23. Fairfield_1st

    Shocker: UNCheat will likely be getting off easy

    UNC accused of no new major violations in NCAA’s amended notice of allegations Men's basketball and football are no longer named in the Notice of Allegations. Also, the new timeline, even though this has been going on for 30 years, starts in the fall of 2005, just after UNC won the MBB...
  24. Fairfield_1st

    Men's BB on ESPN Classic

    I set my DVR to always record the men's basketball games. In doing so that apparently includes ESPN Classic as well. There are some replays coming up. March 3 @ 7:30 am - vs 'cuse in 2009 Big East Tourney quarterfinal March 3 @ 11:00 am - vs Pitt in 2011 Big East Tourney quarterfinal March 5...
  25. Fairfield_1st

    B1G Expansion Rumor

    I was visiting the VA Tech site ( and found someone posted the following link. It's from a Michigan site about the B1G expanding. As with all rumors, take it for what it's worth.
  26. Fairfield_1st

    MSG is Cameron North?

    So says Seth Greenberg during the UCONN/CCSU game. He mentioned it when discussing his College hoops Christmas wishes. Even if they do draw well there, the lack of playing there with any frequency prevents it from getting that awful moniker.
  27. Fairfield_1st

    Top 25 College Football Teams by arrests This is over the last 5 years and one list I'm glad UConn didn't make. We landed in the "receiving votes" section. Funny enough I found this on an FSU site. Shocker of the day, the #1 conference is...
  28. Fairfield_1st

    Welcome Joe Masonius

    The announcement of a new incoming freshman recruit, Joe Masonius, was in the Hartford Courant this morning. Sounds like another great get.
  29. Fairfield_1st

    Who wants 2 baseball yearbooks? 05 & 06.

    The first person to reply to this thread (that wants them) gets them. After replying here you can PM me with your address and I'll send them out, no charge. I don't want them and didn't want to just recycle or Goodwill them when there's a passionate crowd here.
  30. Fairfield_1st

    UCONN Golf Bags

    For those interested, I had a couple messages with Kyle Muncy asking about golf bags. He said they do have them at the Storrs Co-op, though they usually only have 1 out at a time. He also said that if you're interested in a Nike version of the bag, which is not what's at the Co-op, it's...
  31. Fairfield_1st

    Peter Gammons article on Nick Ahmed

    Good read.
  32. Fairfield_1st

    NCAA screwing over Transfer to Tulsa

    Looks like the NCAA is at it again. In this instance they are not only showing their heartless side, but once again retro-actively applying rule changes. Here's the link...
  33. Fairfield_1st

    UNC making more bad news

    You would think that everyone at UNC would be on their best behavior, but I guess the memo never got sent. After beating Duke in Durham the UNC football team trashed the locker room causing $25K in damages. Apologies were made and UNC will pay for the damages, but this school should be walking...
  34. Fairfield_1st

    Congrats to the Field Hockey team. No 1 again.

    Game over, and a little extra enjoyment beating the fruit. 1-0.
  35. Fairfield_1st

    WSOC on ESPNU/ Bird Flip Updated

    This is a late notice, but the UConn women are playing USF for the AAC soccer title on ESPNU. 0-0 at the half with the 2nd half just starting.
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